Review | CHI 1 Inch Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Straightener

Hi Everyone!

I just splurged and bought a Chi hair straightener from The Bay, I got the hot pink 1 inch Tourmaline Ceramic hair straightener. I don’t love hot pink, but it was a better price than the Chi Air from Shoppers, which is about $119. From the picture on The Bay’s website, it looks like there is a display and buttons on the side, but it does not have either and I also did not receive the Silk Keratin Infusion like it said, but oh well. It looks like the Chi Original, the on/off button is on the inside and has an LED light. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a lock, but that’s okay because I can just put something around it for when I store it. I just quickly tested it out and OMG, it goes through my hair so smoothly…something that my Toni and Guy straightener does not do. The Toni and Guy one straightens smoothly but when I’m flipping the iron to curl my hair, it just doesn’t run as smoothly as the Chi. I was a little disappointed to find that it didn’t have a display or temperature controls…but I guess it’s what I get for the price I paid. The Chi straighteners with displays and temperature controls are more expensive than $99 CAD. I have no complaints so far- I’ve only used it for about five minutes to test out how well it curls and straightens my hair. I’ll keep you guys updated on any complaints/cons about the iron if they come up.

The Toni and Guy ionic hair straightener I have is from Shoppers. It has a display and you can adjust the temperature and the ion levels. I’m not really sure what adjusting the ionic levels does, and I never really cared to look it up, but there are three levels. The straightener can also be locked and has an LED display. What always drives me crazy for this straightener is the fact that the buttons are on the top and when I’m curling my hair, my hand is always adjusting the temperature and ion level as I spin the iron. This is one of the reasons I wanted to get a new one with controls on the side or the inside.

Originally, I bought an Infiniti Premier Conair 1 inch wet to dry straightener. It was $49 at Shoppers, I tested it out, but didn’t like it. It has dial on the side to adjust the temperature which was a plus. The smell of the plates was terrible and the top plate had a dip in it that tugged at my hair. It straightened okay, but the smell was too much for me. So I will be returning this one…next time I know to splurge instead of save on hair straighteners.

RATING (for the CHI hair straightener): 3/5

I give it a 3/5 because it doesn’t have a lock to keep it closed and you can’t adjust the temperature. But I like that it’s super smooth and my hair doesn’t get caught on the plates or edges. I would definitely purchase a different CHI straightener that has all the features I want: lock and buttons to adjust temperature.

What hair tools do you use?