Recipe | Cauliflower Pizza Bites


Hi Everyone!

When I was on Facebook a few weeks ago, a recipe video popped up for Cauliflower pizza bites that looked pretty good so I thought I would give it a try. I have to say that it was one of the few recipes I’ve tried that actually looked the same as the picture on the recipe page. Instead of adding more basil on top, I added some dried chives, of course you can add any other toppings, I’m sure bacon will make them even yummier.

They were actually pretty good. I was expecting them to taste a lot like cauliflower, but to my surprise, it tasted like pizza. Of course, you could still taste the cauliflower, but as long as you get a good mouthful of cheese, sauce and pepperoni, it’s a great little appetizer or snack. I would suggest to make them on the thinner side because my second batch tasted a bit mushier. Also make sure to squeeze out the water from the cauliflower.

I would definitely make them again, it’s especially good for those who don’t want to eat too much bread and pizza dough. Obviously nothing can compare to a real pizza, but these are pretty good.

Here’s a link to the recipe for Cauliflower Pizza Bites.