My Sister’s Wedding Dress and My Maid of Honour Dresses

Hi Everyone!

For those who have been waiting to find out what my maid of honour dress and my sister’s wedding dress looked like, here they are! I’ve provided a link to my sister’s wedding dress so you can see what it looks like: Allure Bridals in Style 9068 (Ivory). My maid of honour dress was After Six by Dessy Collection in Style 6704 (Sapphire). I took off the bow at the neckline because I didn’t like it.


Since I was the only bridesmaid, my sister let me choose whatever dress I wanted. I absolutely love the colour of the dress and the flowiness of the chiffon. I was always planning to have an updo for my hair because it’s so hot in Mauritius and didn’t want my hair to stick to the back of my neck. Also, in my opinion, having your hair in an updo is an absolute must with a mock halter neckline. The one thing I wasn’t crazy about is that there’s a seam at the bust where the inner satin material comes together and there’s a bit of pointiness in the boob area. There was nothing the seamstress could do to make it lie flatter across my chest. When I originally tried this dress on, it was about 5 sizes too big, so the pointiness wasn’t noticeable because there was a lot more material and also it was clipped in a way that pulled it tighter.

My makeup looked flawless and I got a tiny breakout on my chin which the makeup artist was able to mask.

I’m not really sure what happened with my updo, it wasn’t exactly what I asked for, but as long as the front view of my hair looked good, it didn’t matter as long as it stayed up the entire night. I hate hairspray, my hair felt like a helmet because there was so much of it. Also, I prefer when the top of my ears are covered with hair, it looks more relaxed/romantic.


For the reception in Toronto, I wore the blue dress for the first half of the reception. The right picture above is from the Toronto reception, I liked my hairstyle much better this time. I don’t know why I’m holding the microphone so awkwardly, my wrist is at a weird angle. I changed into my second dress for the shoe game and dancing. Unfortunately, that meant no professional shots in the purple dress because we took pictures before dinner. It also means that most of the pictures are a bit fuzzy in my second dress, so I don’t have any good ones of me wearing it. The second dress was by Alfred Angelo (which went out of business- the store I got both dresses from is also out of business). I got the style 7359S in Viola. Pictured below is the dress in a wine shade.


For accessories, I wore a pair of simple crystal earrings, a sparkly bracelet, a criss cross ring that my sister got for me on Etsy as my bridesmaid gift and Michael Kors T-Strap Berkley Sandals in Silver.