Carry-On Travel Essentials

Hi Everyone!

I thought I would share a list of travel essentials to pack in your carry-on for long flights. Since I haven’t travelled a whole lot, I searched what other people suggested to pack in their carry-ons and most of the items were things I usually carry in my purse every day. For my carry-on, I bought a mini backpack from Forever21, which they no longer sell, but it looks similar to these two: Faux Leather Backpack and Faux Leather Backpack with pockets. I would suggest getting a Zippered Backpack (like this Take a Dive Backpack from Guess Factory) so that when it’s underneath the seat, the flap doesn’t accidentally open and nothing falls out. If you prefer RFID blocking bags and anti-theft bags, Travelon sells bags that don’t look old ladyish (like some anti-theft bags out there). Both M and C have a Travelon crossbody bag and I just recently purchased a small one as well.

  • earphones (even though they may provide earphones, those obviously aren’t the best quality and they tend to fall out of my ears)
  • iPod/tablet (for reading ebooks) or a book
  • lip balm
  • travel-size hand cream/moisturizer
  • tissues
  • chewing gum
  • toothbrush with a travel-size toothpaste or mouthwash (these Slim Sonic Electric Toothbrushes by Violife are super cute and you can buy replacement heads for them!)
  • facial wipes (and maybe feminine wipes depending on how long you’re travelling)
  • black/blue pen (for filling out those landing cards!)
  • Tylenol or Advil
  • Gravol
  • nail file (emery boards can be bought in packs and won’t get confiscated like metal nail files)
  • phone charger and a travel adapter
  • travel pillow
  • cozy blanket scarf!! I bought mine from Old Navy and I would’ve preferred it to be thicker for the plane. Luckily, on British Airways, they supplied blankets for all four flights we took to get to Mauritius (we chose layovers in London instead of Paris). If you don’t want to use the free ones that the airlines provide or pay to use one, a blanket scarf will keep you super cozy.

I made the mistake of buying a white and black one and then I wore all black on the plane. My pants, sweater and my hair was covered in white fluff by the end of the flight!

And obviously, don’t forget your passport and boarding pass!!