Review | CUCNZN Blackhead Remover Suction Black Peeling Mask

Hi Everyone!

media-20180126we1.jpgI recently bought the CUCNZN suction black mask (the one I bought is currently unavailable, so I found a new link that sells two bottles instead of one, which I think is a good deal) from and I must say, wow! It works much better than any nose strip I’ve ever used, but, man, does it hurt to peel it off. I did a full face mask the first time I used it and it pulled out some hairs and quite a few whiteheads. I used it a second time just on my nose area (like a blackhead strip) because I think I would only ever use it once or twice a year on my whole face (since the skin is very sensitive and thinner). Even on my nose, I will only be using this suction mask maybe once a month because it’s so strong.

If you’re trying this for the first time, definitely try on a weekend or at least a week before any special events. It may cause redness or irritation (I’ve seen a few videos where the woman’s face is a bit red after) and you don’t want to have irritated skin at a special event or have to apply makeup onto irritated skin.

It definitely pulled out more the second time because I steamed my face with some hot water before using it. Make sure your face is dry after steaming it, because the mask won’t dry as well. And also make sure that when you apply the mask, don’t get too close to your eyebrows or hairline (put on a hairband) because it will rip off any hairs in its wake.

The best way to apply this is with a disposable makeup sponge. Even though your fingers will give you a more even layer, this sticks to your hands like tar and it just spreads around when it’s wet and it will take a while to get it off your fingers and under your nails. So definitely don’t use a nice makeup brush to apply this because it will be ruined. The easiest way is to use one of those triangular sponges or cheaper round sponges you can get at Walmart or a drugstore.

Before peeling the mask off, check that the mask is completely dry because otherwise, you will have to scrub it off your face if it’s still sticky and your face may get a bit irritated from the scrubbing. Don’t leave it on any longer than you have to since it’s basically like putting glue on your face, your skin isn’t getting a chance to breathe. When you peel off the mask, do it slowly, I know it’s painful and you would think it hurts less to peel it off like a bandaid, but if you do it too quickly, it won’t grab those whiteheads and blackheads. If you need to, pause for a bit and then continue when you’re ready. I know my eyes have teared up a bit, and I had to stop for a second to catch my breath. Rinse off the remaining mask with warm water, then wash your face with some cold water to close up those pores. Then apply a toner and moisturizer/serum.


I give it a 4/5 because it kind of smells like school glue and it hurts to peel off, but otherwise it’s a good product.

Thoughts: I would definitely recommend this for someone who gets a lot of whiteheads or blackheads. Like nosehead strips, the first time pulls out the most amount of whitehead and blackheads. The subsequent times I’ve used this hasn’t pulled as much as the first time. It’s so sticky that it’s basically like putting glue on your face and it pulls out hairs that help protect your skin, so I suggest not doing this too often (especially on your whole face). Try to limit it to the parts of your face that need it and I think it’s best not to use it more than once a month.