Recipe | Hot Dogs with Teriyaki Sauce and Seaweed

Hi Everyone!


I recently found out about Japadog which is a small chain of street food stands in Vancouver. Now, since Vancouver is a long way to go to try a hot dog, I thought I would make hot dogs inspired by Japadog. I know what you’re thinking, Japanese + Hot Dogs  sounds gross. But it is so good! I wish I tried it sooner.

I decided to try to duplicate their signature hot dog: the Terimayo – Teriyaki sauce, mayo and seaweed. I don’t know if they use Japanese mayo or regular mayo, but I used regular mayo because Japanese mayo is quite expensive for a small jar. I got some seaweed sheets (like the ones you get for sushi)  and I just cut them up into long slivers. The dab of mayo added a bit of creaminess to the sweet teriyaki sauce (you can use bought teriyaki sauce or find a recipe online). I have to say that the crunchiness of the seaweed made it even more delicious. You have to make sure that you put the seaweed on right before you eat it or the heat from the hot dog or teriyaki sauce can melt the seaweed and you don’t want soggy seaweed.