Review | CoverGirl Total Tease Mascara & Katy Kat Eyeliner

Hi Everyone!

I received a complimentary VoxBox from Influenster Canada which had CoverGirl’s Total Tease Mascara in Very Black and CoverGirl’s Katy Kat Eyeliner in Kitty Katdabra (KP04- black shimmer). I wore the mascara and eyeliner for a little over 8 hours yesterday and here’s my review of both products:

I’ve tried the mascara twice now and I quite like it. The mascara tube is nice and big, it has ridges at the top, so it’s easy to open. The mascara comes with a silicone brush and has a tip at the end of the wand that you use to define your lashes even more. The Total Tease mascara makes my lashes feel natural (not stiff like some mascaras I’ve tried). It’s like I’m not wearing anything on them. The first time I tried the mascara, it was a bit clumpy, but that was my mistake. It was easily remedied by using a clean brush to comb out the clumps. My lashes still look natural, but just with an extra bit of oomph, especially for my bottom lashes. My bottom lashes aren’t super dark, but with the mascara, they were definitely more noticeable. For me, I prefer non-silicone brushes for my top lashes and silicone brush mascaras for my bottom lashes. I will give an exception for mascaras that I really like and would recommend…Total Tease is one of these. The Total Tease adds length and volume while looking natural.

media-20180126wtwt222222Now, onto the Katy Kat Eyeliner in Kitty Katdabra. I can’t find the shade on the CoverGirl website, I don’t think it has been released yet. The Kitty Katdabra is a black liner with a bit of shimmer. It claims to be a high pigment formula with effortless application and lasts 8 hours. All three claims definitely held up for me. I wore it from 2pm to around 10pm yesterday. media-20180126twetIt is a pencil liner with a rubber smudge tip (I’m used to a foam smudge tip, so trying a rubber one was interesting). The liner glides on easily and helped create a smokey and slightly shimmery look that would be great for a night out. I did a cat eye on my lid and lined my waterline. I don’t really like the rubber smudge tip because the rubber didn’t glide across my lid as nicely as a foam tip would’ve. I just used a brush to smudge the eyeliner which worked well. The swatch below looks a bit brown/bronze under the lighting. I didn’t use any primer underneath.

On one eye, I put Smashbox’s Shadow Primer, and the other eye I left bare. The primer definitely made a difference, so if you plan to apply it to your lids, make sure you don’t forget the primer! After 3 hours, the lid without primer was creased and I had to reapply the liner. The lid with shadow primer looked exactly like when I first applied it. The liner that was on my waterline was perfectly intact. By the 8th hour, the eyeliner was holding up well, it was a bit smudged under my eye, but that’s to be expected for wearing it so long. It looked like I had created that smokey look so it wasn’t smudged so much that it looked like raccoon or panda eyes. I would definitely buy this eyeliner, especially if it came in a brown or nude.


I give both products 4/5 because the special tip at the end of the comb sometimes gets in my way. I feel like it doesn’t do much for my lashes and I’ve almost poked myself in the eye a few times. For the liner, I would prefer if it was a matte black instead of a glittery black. Glitter is hard to wash off and I’d only wear glittery eyeliner if I’m going out for the night.



*I received this product for testing purposes from Influenster Canada.