Trying the New Rider Special at SPINCO

Hi Everyone!

This is my experience specifically with SPINCO, if you want to know about what to expect, wear and/or bring to your first spin class, read my other blog post: Things to Know Before Your First Spin Class.

I am definitely not an expert on spin class (barely even a novice) and if you’re planning on trying out spin classes, I would definitely recommend it, if you live in Toronto, try Spin Co. I found it useful to read about other people’s experiences and tips/tricks on what to expect before attending your first spin class.

I went to spin class for two weeks with my friends and I actually enjoyed it. We went with SPINCO because they have a New Rider Special- $50 CAD for two weeks unlimited. Yesterday was our last class, and here was my experience trying spin class:

logoSPINCO promotes the idea of ONE TEAM, ONE BIKE. You move together with the music. Working out in a group definitely motivates you to work harder. If you’re someone who doesn’t work out a lot, like me, it’s hard to push yourself when you’re working out at home by yourself. In spin class, everyone is pushing themselves to work their hardest which makes you do your best too.

They have a website and an app (Apple and Android) where you can register and sign up for classes on your phone. You sign up for a class and reserve a bike, so if you go with friends, you can sit together! SPINCO turns down the light once you get started. So, if you’re a bit shy working out in a group or it’s your first time, SPINCO is definitely a good option. I definitely wouldn’t feel comfortable working out under bright lights or in a glass room.

SPINCO provides towel service, cycling shoes, lockers (these have locks on them, so you don’t need to bring one), and they have showers as well. They have two showers in the women’s bathroom, and I would assume two in the men’s as well.

For those who are unfamiliar (like I was when I was first researching spin classes), cycling shoes are special shoes that have cleats so that you can lock into your bike to secure your feet to the pedals and allows for a more efficient movement as you pedal. It also reduces strain and foot discomfort, as well as improving stability.

I went for a total of 7 days in our unlimited two week span. We went to five different instructors classes. I didn’t have a favourite, but obviously they all had different styles and music. When you’re starting out, I would suggest attending a mix of night and morning classes on different days to see which you like best. As a night owl, I preferred the night classes. Also, it will help you figure out which instructor you like best; some focus more on endurance and the climb, while others focus on the pumps and dips.

After our last class, we rewarded ourselves by going to get Poke Bowls for dinner. At one point, our instructor said to focus on something to work towards; we were all focusing on our Poke Bowls lol!

B’s experience from spin class: I would definitely do it again. It was fun that each instructor was so different. I liked a mix of morning and night classes but it was hard getting motivated right after work for the 5:30 class.

K’s experience from spin class: I only have positive experiences at spin class. I would definitely go back; I’m just deciding which pass I want to get. I always felt good after leaving class and even if I was really tired when we got there, I left class with more energy than I went in.

My experience from spin class: It was a really great experience to do with my friends. You feel closer to your friends trying something new together. Back in high school, we would walk to school together and eat lunch together every day and during university, with all of us in different cities, we only got together every few months. Even after university when we were all in the same city again, we would continue to only get together every other month or so, because of work and such. It almost felt like high school again, seeing each other so often. I’m not sure if I would have ever tried spin class on my own. But seeing my friends, cycling at my side, made me feel more comfortable. It’s intimidating seeing the people in front of you, who keep up with the beat and the instructor’s pace. All the other people in the room, you don’t know who’s a regular spinner or who’s a first-time or second-time spinner. So, knowing that your friends are the same exercise level as you, it’s less intimidating. You still try your hardest, but you might not be cycling as fast as the person in front of you.

I was expecting my thighs and calves to hurt after each class, but to my surprise, my arms and shoulders were in the most pain the next day,  I guess because I walk to places a lot, and I don’t do any weights so the most my arms and shoulders usually do are carrying my purse.

I do feel like my legs have gotten stronger, I should’ve measured them before we started, but I definitely feel like my thighs and arms have gotten stronger, and possibly my core. I think spin class is a great way to get you motivated to start exercising. I’m going to do my best to continue exercising regularly with weights and the elliptical that I have at home. Given that spin classes are quite expensive, I don’t think I will continue at this time, especially since I have an elliptical. But I would definitely continue spin classes if they were more affordable, maybe we’ll try a new place with a beginner package.

I definitely recommend giving spin class a try!