I Bought Two Skirts from Amazon

Hi Everyone!

I bought two skirts from Amazon.ca and it wasn’t a disaster! I’m not talking about the brand name clothes like Adrianna Papell or Calvin Klein on Amazon, I bought two skirts that were shipped from Asia. To my surprise, both were well made and looked exactly like the pictures.

Buying clothes from any store online is a gamble because you may not know what size you are. Even though there is a sizing chart to help you figure out what size you are, you could be between sizes or the measurements are off. I’ve ordered several pairs of ankle pants from different stores, but none of the pants have fit nicely and I had to return them to the stores. Luckily, I chose stores that I can easily return the pants: Old Navy, Hudson’s Bay and Abercrombie & Fitch. Unless you know exactly what size you are, it’s best to try them on in-store first if you plan to buy them online (if anyone else is a sucker for ebates, like me, you know that you can get some cash back if you order online and now they offer in-store ebates too…yay!).

For both skirts I ordered on Amazon.ca, I wish they came in an XS because I think that would fit me better, but given the dimensions in the size chart, I knew they might be a bit big. They both fit at my hips, but based on the pictures for both skirts, they’re supposed to sit a little higher. I wanted to find a midi pleated skirt, but didn’t have any luck with finding one that I liked or was the price I was willing to pay. So, I bought a ponte midi full skater skirt by Star Vixen in black, size small and a flowy maxi skirt with a side slit by Urban CoCo in black, also size small. They no longer offer the Urban CoCo skirt I got in black, but they still have red and some sizes in a teal colour that they call blue. Both skirts were about $40 with tax. I liked that the Star Vixen skirt had free returns because I wasn’t sure if it would be too hippy, but it turned out fine.

The Star Vixen skirt is very thick and made in USA. Even though the description says its ponte, I wasn’t sure if it would be exactly as described. Ponte knit is a thicker fabric than jersey. This skirt will be great for fall, paired with some pointed toe pumps, I personally love the look of the skirt with my blue pumps by Louise et Cie.

20170523_1054413.pngI was expecting the flowy skirt to be a chiffon-looking material, but it has a bit of a sheen to it, which I think makes it more of a night-time, party skirt than a typical maxi skirt that you could wear everyday or to a daytime party. I have an H&M maxi skirt with side slits on both sides that would work at a party because it’s chiffon. The flowy maxi skirt is very long, and since it should go higher up, I adjusted it by folding the waist at the back and sewing together. There’s a part that overlaps now and sort of creates a pleat at the top, but since the skirt is so flowy, you can’t tell it’s been altered unless you look really closely. The zipper is a bit harder to zip up now since there’s more material near it, but I didn’t want to pay to get the skirt taken in or have the length altered professionally. Before I altered it, the skirt would stop just above my hips, but since the material is so thin, the waist wouldn’t lie flat against my body. I think the zipper is almost too heavy for the material, so the part of the skirt with the zipper would sort of stick out.

Both skirts would look good with a Portofino shirt from Express, or any button up shirt that’s a chiffon material or a loose-fitting tank that can create a blouson dress look (where the dress has an elastic waist or belt and then the material above hangs over the waist).