Using a Silicone Sponge to Apply Face Masks

L’Oreal Exfoliate & Refining Red Algae Clay Mask

Hi Everyone!

In the past year, I started using a flat foundation brush to apply my face masks. Before then, I always used to use my hands, which wasted a lot of product. Also, if your face mask comes in a pot, it’s less hygienic to stick your fingers in the pot to scoop some up (most of my face masks come in tubes anyway though). Using a brush is better in multiple ways because you use less product, it’s more hygienic and it applies the mask more evenly. The only drawback is that I find it hard to clean the brush after, especially if it was a clay face mask, it takes a bit more effort to make sure the bristles are all clean on the inside.

A few months back, I bought a set of 2 silicone sponges from Amazon after seeing a lot of reviews about them to apply foundation. So I thought I’d try them out, but I like beauty blenders/sponges and brushes better than the silicone sponge. I found that silisponges don’t blend as nicely as a beauty sponge or brush. So, I thought, great, now I have two that I probably won’t use, but then I had an epiphany! The silisponge would be good for applying face masks because it will apply a nice even layer and it will be super easy to clean after! I just tried it with my L’Oreal Exfoliate & Refining Red Algae Clay Mask and it’s 100 times easier to clean than a foundation brush.

Have you tried silisponges? Do you like using them to apply foundation?