Review | Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara

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I received a complimentary VoxBox from Influenster Canada with the Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara in Blackened Brown (803)!

I prefer using the darkest shade of mascara that they offer. So I would get the black or blackest black mascara from this line. A few times when I looked in the mirror, it almost looked like I had powder on my lashes or in certain lighting, my lashes looked gray because the blackened brown shade is too light for me. This is my first time using a Revlon mascara, but right away I liked the fact that it wasn’t a silicone brush and I liked the shapes of the mascara tube and the brush.

The mascara tube is sort of almond shaped, so it’s easy to open (unlike the round ones which can be hard to grip). The top part with the wand is shiny while the bottom part is a matte black and feels a bit textured.

My lashes look natural and there are no clumps. I like slightly tapered brushes that aren’t silicone for my top lashes. This is a great brush and I would definitely keep it to apply other mascaras. Since this is a (fiber) mascara that coats your lashes with tubes, I can definitely feel that there is something on my lashes.


I prefer non-fiber mascaras for my everyday makeup look, but the fiber ones are good for some extra oomph for a night out.

Are the claims true? Let’s see!

Flake-free? I ran my finger along my lashes and no flakes or residue on my finger! (It does flake if you rub your eye, but if unprovoked, it shouldn’t flake just from blinking)

Smudge-proof? I rubbed my eye and nothing smudged, although a few fiber flakes came off on my finger.

Water Resistant? It doesn’t claim to be waterproof, but if you get caught outside when it starts raining lightly, you should be okay. As long as it’s dry, it won’t smudge if you use a setting spray. I splashed some cold water on my face and squeezed my eyes shut to see if any mascara would come off, it didn’t smudge. I splashed some more on my face and this time it smudged a bit, but easily came off with a qtip.

Removes easily with warm water? No eye makeup remover needed! Using warm water, it came off with little effort and unlike other mascaras, I didn’t get raccoon eyes trying to wash it off. I would avoid hot tubs or anywhere with steam.

Plump and extend lashes for mega volume and extreme length? My lashes aren’t very long to begin with, but I can definitely tell that this mascara has added length and volume. Would I say MEGA volume and EXTREME length? No, but it’s definitely noticeable (the only way I will have long enough lashes to be noticeable in pics is if I wear false lashes).


I give it a perfect score because it’s easy to take off and I love the brush. I just need to buy the darkest shade and I will love it even more!

Thoughts: I really like this mascara! I like that it doesn’t flake and that you don’t need to use makeup remover to get it all off (I hate when I thought I took off all of my mascara and then after a shower, I find that I have raccoon eyes!)

I always like to have a mix of high-end and drugstore products. I prefer to spend more on the skincare products like primers, moisturizers, toners, foundations and concealers. Since mascara can dry out fairly quickly and you’re not supposed to keep them for too long, I prefer to buy drugstore brands for mascaras. I tend to like drugstore brand mascara more anyways and this way I can buy a few for the same price as one designer brand. I only have high end mascaras because they were deluxe samples or a birthday present. Two of my favourite mascara brands are Maybelline and L’Oreal and it looks like I’ve just added Revlon to the mix!

What are your fave brands of mascara? Do you prefer high-end or drugstore brand mascaras?

Thanks to Influenster Canada for sending me this Revlon VoxBox!

Have a great weekend!



*I received this product for testing purposes from Influenster Canada.