Worth It? | Tarte Opening Act Lash Primer

Hi Everyone!

I realized that all of my beauty reviews so far have been of products that I like and recommend, so I thought I should start doing reviews of some of the products that I don’t like. I first heard of lash primer last year and thought I’d give it a try. I love Tarte products, but I think I just don’t like lash primer in general (it could be the best quality lash primer out there and I still don’t like it).

2652c51eb9daf44ae14eb41bf49766ce1.jpgTarte’s Opening Act Lash Primer came with a travel sized Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 mascara. To begin with, I have dark lashes that are fairly full (they are somewhere in the middle- they’re not sparse, but they’re not super thick and luscious either). The lash primer goes on white and then you apply your mascara on top.

I like my everyday mascara to look natural and give a bit of length and volume. I curled my lashes and tried one eye with the lash primer and the other eye without. Then I applied my mascara to see how the two compared. The lash primer is pretty thick and even when I take off the excess product on the side of the tube, it goes on pretty thick.

The primer is supposed to prep, volumize, lengthen, separate, curl, and condition lashes. I did find that the primer lengthened my lashes, but it didn’t separate my lashes. They just ended up looking clumpy and unnatural after one coat of primer and one coat of mascara. I ended up having to use a clean mascara brush to comb out the clumps to make my lashes look good. The primer also makes my lashes feel really heavy and stick together. If you have sparse lashes, I would recommend this for you, but in my opinion, I would rather prime my lashes with some clear mascara or just do a few coats of a regular mascara. The lash primer is an extra step that I can do without on an everyday basis. Plus, if you have a good mascara, it should lengthen and volumize without the need for a lash primer. If I want dramatic lashes for a night out, I’d rather put on some false lashes.

After finishing the tube, I cleaned and kept the wand. Sometimes you buy a mascara where you don’t like the wand, but the mascara itself is good. So for the wands that I like the brush, I keep the wands after finishing the tubes.


I give it a 1/5 because it made my lashes feel so heavy that I felt lightheaded whenever I wore it and it just made my mascara look clumpy.

What are your thoughts on lash primers?