November 2017 Faves

Hi Everyone!

media-20171117Clean and Clear Morning Burst Fruit Infusions Purifying Cleanser is my fave to use in the morning. There are strawberry seeds in it that gently exfoliate. It may not give me that squeaky clean feel like cleansers from The Face Shop, but the refreshing citrus scent helps me wake up in the morning.

sss.jpgI love the Dove Nutritive Solutions Coconut and Hydration Shampoo. It smells good and makes my hair feel smooth and moisturized. It’s scented with coconut water and sweet lime. I’ve used a few other Dove shampoos, but I think this one smells the best so far out of the ones I’ve tried: Energize, Daily Moisture and Cool Moisture.

20171115_195053.jpgI bought the Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler during the Sephora sale (check out my haul here!) and I must say that I am loving it! I got it for $25 CAD. It just works so much better than the other ones I’ve used and I don’t have to worry about it pinching my eyelid by accident. I’ve used several other curlers, I still have a Tweezerman and a Sephora one. The Tweezerman is a pretty good dupe in terms of how the curler looks, but you can feel the difference when you squeeze the curler to curl your lashes. The shu is almost springy whereas the Tweezerman opens really wide. It’s hard to describe unless you have both and you’re trying them out. I have a purple Sephora one and it’s definitely not suited for Asian/hooded eyes (especially if your lashes are short). I don’t think any of the Sephora ones would be good for Asians (even though they might be $5 cheaper or around the same price, I’d rather spend $25 on the shu. For the Sephora one, I have to hold it at an angle just to get the curler to line up with my lashes.

media-20180129ee-e1517269390787.jpgI only wish they sold replacement pads separately (it comes with one replacement in the box), but then you need to buy a new curler. I’ve heard the Shiseido ones fit in the curler, but they’re just a tad shorter than the shu ones and Sephora sells replacements for $8 CAD. It’s a bit ridiculous because on the box it says that a rubber pad will last about 3 months and you should replace the whole curler once the refill pad has worn down. I don’t use my eyelash curler daily, but my other eyelash curlers’ pads have lasted longer than 3 months. I wish they sold replacement pads separately. I think it’s too expensive to have to shell out another $25 every six months according to the box.

What were your faves this month?

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