Review | Coastal Scents Winterberry Palette & Shadow Pots

Hi Everyone!

I recently became an affiliate for multiple companies by applying through ShareASale and Coastal Scents is one of them. I previously received the Coastal Scents Revealed 3 Eyeshadow Palette in a TopBox so I knew that the shadows were pretty good. In the Revealed 3 Palette, some shadows were better than others which is also the case for the Winterberry Palette and Shadow Pots that I purchased. The 5 shadow pots I purchased looked beautiful in the pan, but when I swatched them (without primer), they were a bit disappointing. When you swatch them with primer and/or wet your brush to apply, the pigment improves, but it takes some time until you get the shade you want. This wasn’t the case for the Winterberry shades, most of them were beautiful even without primer or having to wet the brush.


For the shadow pots, I purchased greens, teals and blues. I wanted to get some fun colours, but ones that I’d actually wear. Reds, oranges and yellows wouldn’t go well with my skin tone, I think I would just look ill.


Clockwise from top left: Fresh Chive | Electric Blue | Jewel Teal | Indigo Dream

Teal Green is not pictured because it broke a bit during the shipping process, so I fixed it with some alcohol, but it didn’t look very presentable.

Below are swatches without primer (using fingers, not brushes). As you might be able to tell, I started the swatch on Security Master protects your privacy tell that the swatch gets lighter on the left).


Originally, I wanted to get the empty palette with a mirror that fits 12 shadows for $5.95, but I thought, “For $4 more, I could get 12 eyeshadows that are all really pretty purple/wintery shades.” So I chose the Winterberry palette instead of the Think Pink one because how often will I use pink eyeshadows. Once you finish the shadows, you can replace them with other 26mm pans. The palette itself contains built-in magnets and gives you easy access at the upper-right corner of each pan to take out the pans (I can easily use my finger to take out the pans).


Top Row: Light Pink | Silver Lilac | Light Plum | White Silver

Middle Row: Mauve Frost | Amethyst | Steel Grey | Thulian Pink

Bottom Row: Tyrian Purple | Lavender | Raisin Berry | Regalia Purple


After trying the single shadow pots first, I wasn’t sure how I would feel about the ones in this palette. But the Winterberry shades are much creamier and a lot more pigmented than the singles ones I purchased. For the greens/teals/blues, I had to dip my finger back into the pot a few times just to get the swatch that colour. For the Winterberry ones, I just had to do it once or twice (just to get it to cover the length of the swatch). Out of the 12 shades, 3 of them aren’t as pigmented and metallic looking as the rest. For $9.95, I think it’s a really good palette, the shades are gorgeous and the swatches are what the shades look like without primer. The 9 other shades feel super creamy and are very pigmented. The shades that I probably wouldn’t purchase individually are: Light Pink, Light Plum, Tyrian Purple and Regalia Purple (which is a shame because all of them, especially Regalia Purple are beautiful in the pan).

RATING: 5/5 for the Winterberry Palette

RATING: 4/5 for the Shadow Pots

The Winterberry Palette gets 5/5 because the majority of the shades are beautiful and pigmented, the others just need a bit of help by wetting your brush. The Shadow Pots get 4/5 because they are pretty, but it takes some time to get the colour you see in the pan. Definitely use a shadow primer and wet your brush! For the price right now though (even when it’s regular priced), they’re amazing for beginners or if you just want to get some funky colours!

To my fellow Canadians, shipping is not free for us, but luckily there’s NO extra fees (COD) after you’ve paid at checkout.

One of my fave beauty bloggers also did a review on Coastal Scents Shadow Pots and she purchased different shades than I did, check out the swatches on her post → click here. Also, follow her on Instagram, she posts beautiful pics and swatches: rubiredlipstick.

What are your fave shades from Coastal Scents?