Review | GummiBand Hair Cords

Hi Everyone!

Last year, I first heard about the hair cords that leave your hair dent-free. They were the brand Invisibobble and they sell at Sephora for $10 for 3. I thought that was a bit expensive, so I went on Amazon looking for dupes. I purchased a pack of 3 black and 10 mixed colour hair cords for $6.99. They’re very big (size of a wrist- they look like those cords that people put their keys on) and thick like a telephone cord. When I wrapped it around my hair three times, it’s still a bit loose.


I found out about GummiBands, based in Vancouver, from a blogger group on Facebook. They were had a casting call for Contributors, Partners and Ambassadors. For Partners and Contributors, you need a certain number of followers and they had a limited number of spaces. So, I applied to be a contributor for GummiBand and they sent me a variety of their hair cords. Although I received the bands for free, the following review is my honest and unbiased opinion on the GummiBand hair cords.

Jennifer Catherine (C) titles(11)
Light Pink, Brunette, Clear, Purple, Black, Dark Pink, Teal

They offer Clear, Black, Brunette, Blonde, Light Pink, Dark Pink, Teal and Purple (I received a few of each colour except blonde). They retail for $7.99 CAD for a set of four hair cords and have free shipping in Canada. They gave me a code ‘BONUS38‘ for my readers to receive 2 extra GummiBands with the purchase of a 4-cord pack.


Hypoallergenic (They do not absorb water or sweat so they do not breed bacteria)

Suitable for all types of hair (Long and thick hair? Use 2 GummiBands for extra hold!)

Gentle on hair, reducing breakage and styling damage

Reusable for years. When the cord stretches out, warm it up with hot air from a hair dryer or hot water to return it to it’s original shape!

GummiBand hair cords come with a 1 year full replacement warranty

My hair is quite thick, so I wrap the cord around three times. I love that they’re plastic so if you get them wet, you don’t have to leave it out to dry like you would for an elastic. They don’t pull at your hair and they stay put (unlike regular hair ties where I have to adjust my ponytail after a few hours). After using them for a whole day, they are stretched out, but they get back into shape after a few minutes. When you put them around your wrist, they don’t make an indent around your entire wrist like a regular hair band. Although, they still make some indents from the spiral but it’s not as tight as a hair elastic.

UPDATE (Feb 1/18): I’ve been using one hair cord basically every day for a month and a half. I wrap it around my hair three times and after a month or so, it was starting to curl like a figure 8 (but it wasn’t stretched out at all). I filled up my sink with some hot water and soaked it for less than a minute and it sprang back to place. It’s like new again!


GummiBands are a great stocking stuffer or for birthday party loot bags. I love the variety of colours that they have, they have both fun colours and colours that blend in with your hair if you don’t want it noticeable.

Have you tried hair cords? Do you like them better than regular hair bands?