This or That | Oval Makeup Brushes (iBeauty vs. Simple Glam Girls)

Hi Everyone!

Today, I will be comparing two different brands of oval brushes: Simple Glam Girls and iBeauty (that I bought from Winners). Oval brushes are the brushes that resemble toothbrushes, made popular by the Artis brushes. I’ve never tried an Artis brush so I can’t compare the quality of the Simple Glam Girls and iBeauty brushes.


I’m going to start by saying that I prefer damp beauty sponges to apply my foundation and concealer, even though sponges absorb a lot more product than a brush. Comparing oval brushes to regular brushes, I feel like it’s harder to clean them because the bristles are packed so tightly.

media-20171228gdLush Rose Gold Oval Brushes (set of 10)

10 high-quality oval shaped brushes made with grade “A” synthetic nylon hair.

Contoured oval shaped brushes with different sizes allow you to blend makeup onto any part of your face effortlessly.

Rose gold neck handle & a firm & anti-slip holder for that extra hold when applying makeup

media-20171228wweiBeauty Oval Makeup Brushes (set of 3)

Very easy and comfortable to use for putting on your daily makeup

Used for: contour/setting powder, contour/blush, & concealer

Gives a flawless air-brushed finish of all types of skin makeup formulas

I have 3 brushes that are similar to the ones in the link, but they are slightly different (same sizes though). Even though it says it can be used for setting powder, I wouldn’t use an oval brush to set my makeup because it would blend out all the foundation and concealer I just applied. A fluffy brush is best to set your face.


Both sets of brushes are very soft. The Simple Glam Girls brushes are packed more tightly than the iBeauty ones and therefore less streaky. You can tell from the picture above, the top brush is the iBeauty one and the bottom is Simple Glam Girls.

For the swatches, I used liquid foundation- the top swatch is the iBeauty oval brush and the bottom one is using a Simple Glam Girls brush. The liquid foundation swatches look similar, but the iBeauty brush absorbed a lot more of the liquid. Since the iBeauty ones aren’t packed as tightly, it absorbs more of the liquid foundation and when you clean the brushes, it takes longer to clean them. When I run my finger along the brushes when they’re wet from cleaning, the Simple Glam Girls brushes’ bristles spring back into place, whereas the iBeauty brushes’ bristles clump together. The neck of the brushes is also sturdier on Simple Glam Girls brushes. The iBeauty ones, the neck of the brushes bends really easily. The oval brushes are so soft, I can’t wait to try the Unicorn or Perfect 10 brushes from Simple Glam Girls.

WINNER: Simple Glam Girls Lush Rose Gold Oval Brushes

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The iBeauty brushes do a decent enough job, I think they are better with powdered products (like for contouring) since it absorbs so much liquid.

Have you tried oval brushes? What are your thoughts?



*I received the Simple Glam Girls brushes for free (just paid shipping) as part of their ambassador program, but I was not paid to write a review of any sort nor do I receive any commission if you use the discount code.