This or That | Liquid Foundation Brushes (Arbonne vs. Make Up For Ever vs. Sephora)

Hi Everyone!

Today I’m doing a 3-way This or That because I had three different brands of foundation brushes. Each of the brushes I bought as part of a set:

  • Sephora- to be honest, I can’t remember what this brush came with and it’s not in my records. I think it was a travel brush kit.
  • Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation + Smoothing Skin Equalizer Customizable Set | $83 CAD
    • Step 1 Skin Equalizer smoothing primer
    • Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation (your choice)
    • Artisan Brush 106S (the brush is a short version of the 106)
  • Arbonne Cosmetics Brush Set #7098 (6-piece brush set) | $47 CAD

The only reason I have a MUFE foundation brush is because it came in the set, I would only buy a liquid foundation brush if it came in a set because I prefer applying my liquid foundation with a sponge.

sephora brush.PNGSephora liquid foundation brush

I do have another Sephora foundation brush, but it’s a little worse for wear. It is softer than this travel-sized brush, but performs about the same. I think because of the stiffness of the bristles, this would be great for applying a mud mask.


100% vegan and cruelty-free

Liquid Foundation / Flat Brush: Great for liquid foundations
and concealer for proper blending; features a rounded head to match the natural contours of the face such as the corners under the eyes

mufeMake Up For Ever Artisan Brush

This is a larger variation of a foundation brush for applying and blending ultra fast for an even result with fuller coverage. It can be used with all types of foundations and features straight fibers.


I used the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Foundation for the swatches (the swatches are aligned with the picture of the brushes- top swatch is Sephora, middle is Arbonne and bottom is MUFE). I pumped once directly onto the brush just to see how much product it absorbed. The swatches are after two swipes of the brush. As you can see, the Sephora swatch on the top is shiny which means the foundation was still wet. When I did the second swipe, I did my best to go directly on top of the previous swatch- the Sephora brush fanned out when it touched my skin and put more foundation on a wider area than the brush. The Arbonne brush is fairly packed (it’s fatter than the other two, in terms of height). The Make Up For Ever brush is the widest and the swatch above shows that. The Sephora brush’s bristles aren’t as soft as the other two. Out of the three, the MUFE one is the softest, but it does seem to absorb the most product.liquid foundation brushes.PNG

To make sure that the MUFE brush doesn’t get an advantage by using a MUFE foundation, I used a foundation palette and poured three equal-sized dots of Maybelline’s Fit Me Dewy + Smooth Foundation and I swiped the brushes twice to see how much product absorbs into the brush. Again, the swatches are in the same order: Sephora, Arbonne and MUFE. The Sephora one is the darkest and MUFE is the lightest swatch because the Sephora brush barely absorbs any foundation and the MUFE one absorbs the most. Although you would think it’s better to have a brush that doesn’t absorb any product because that means more ends up on your face, the Sephora brush has the stiffest bristles- it reminds me of a paintbrush. The Arbonne brush is okay, but it’s not as wide as the other two, but it’s fatter which means a lot of product gets lost in the brush. The MUFE brush is wide and flat and the bristles are soft. That’s why I have to award the win to the MUFE brush. It may not be the most high-end liquid foundation brush out there, but it’s the best of the three.

WINNER: Make Up For Ever Artisan Brush

Do you prefer sponges or brushes to apply liquid foundation? What’s your favourite brand for brushes/sponges?