Where Were Your Beauty Products Made?

Hi Everyone!

A few years back, my mom mentioned to me that it’s better to buy products that are made in North America or Europe instead of China, Taiwan, etc. because you never know what they’re putting into the products. Ever since then, I’ve always been a bit conscious about checking where a product is made before purchasing, but sometimes I do slip up and accidentally buy something Made in China.

Do you check the back of cosmetic and skincare products to see where they are made before you purchase them?

There are so many different brands out there that have products that are made in North America or Europe. So, why buy products that are made in China when you don’t know what kind of rules and regulations they have? Especially when it comes to makeup that absorbs through your skin and that you could accidentally ingest from putting on your lips. Even drugstore brands are made in Canada or Germany, so it’s not like you have to splurge on high end products.

For powder products like highlighter or blush, it’s not as bad because I don’t use the same products every day. Same with eyeshadows because the ones I have from China are more vibrant colours that I wouldn’t wear on a day-to-day basis.

For liquid products like foundation and concealer, I am very careful to check that it’s made in North America or Europe because your skin absorbs the product and these are the products that cover the largest area of your face. Same goes for mascara, eyeliner, lipstick and lip gloss. Eye products can easily get into your eyes when you rub them or when you’re removing makeup and lip products are easily ingested.


I went through my makeup stash to see where everything was from and I’ve mapped it out in purple. Most of my products were from the usual countries like the US, Canada, Belgium, France, Germany, and then there were a few Made in China. Some products surprised me- I had eye products made in Czech Republic and Mexico.


  • North/South America– Canada, USA, Mexico
  • Europe– UK, England, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Luxembourg, Poland, Czech Republic
  • Asia– China (also listed as PRC- People’s Republic of China), Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia


  • Mexico
    • Maybelline EyeStudio Brow Precise Shaping Pencil in Deep Brown
  • Czech Republic
    • L’Oreal Voluminous Smoldering Eyeliner in Grey
    • Annabelle Kohl Eyeliner in White
  • Poland
    • Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base
  • Indonesia
    • Benefit Cosmetics Prima Donna Fake Lashes

Although I do my best not to buy products from China, I have purchased a few here and there. The following are Made in China:

  • Coastal Scents products
    • Winterberry palette
    • Eclipse palette
    • Shadow pots
    • Revealed 3 palette and Lipstick don’t say where they’re made and I no longer have the boxes they came in, but I’m assuming China because the lipstick is less than $5 and the Revealed 3 palette goes for $20 (and goes on sale for less).
  • Wet N Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powder
  • NYX Matte Setting Spray

I went through my makeup collection to see if I had any other products Made in China/PRC and I was shocked to find some Tarte products had been made in China. Here are the products I have:


  • Essence Light Up Your Face Luminizer
    • Most of the other Essence products are Made in Europe, i.e. Germany or Luxembourg
  • Eyeko Fat Eye Stick (Made in PRC)
  • Smashbox Blush Soft Lights Duo
    • other Smashbox products I have are made in US or Belgium
  • Tarte products- it really surprised me that my Tarte products are Made in China, however; the Tarteist Lip Paint from the Sephora Birthday Gift is Made in US
    • Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Paarty (deluxe sample)
    • Tarte Amazonian Clay Matte Waterproof Bronzer in Park Ave Princess (deluxe sample)
    • Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder
  • Wet N Wild Mega Protein Mascara

My friend has multiple full-sized Tarte products and she let me know where they were made and I also went to Sephora to take a look at the full-sizes of the blush and bronzer:


  • Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blushes (full-size)- USA
  • Amazonian Clay Matte Waterproof Bronzer in Park Ave Princess- China
  • Tartelette Tease Palette- USA
  • Shape Tape- Korea
  • Amazonian Clay 12-Hr Full Coverage Foundation- USA
  • Maracuja Cheek Tint- Formulated in Japan, Made in China

Other things I found when going through my products:


  • Milani’s Retouch + Erase Lightlifting Concealer (Made in US with US & Non-US components)
  • Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation (Made in US with US & Non-US components)
  • Wet N Wild Photofocus Foundation (Foundation Made in USA, Filled in China)
  • Tarte Lights, Camera Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara (Manufactured in Italy, Assembled in Taiwan)
  • Tarte Gifted Mascara (Manufactured in Italy, Assembled in Taiwan)

Although the concealer and foundation from Milani both say Made in US with US & Non-US components, I think that’s just for the liquid products. The Color Statement Lipstick was Made in USA, and the XL All Over Glow Bronzer and Baked Blush were both Made in Italy.

I remember I had a Bella Pierre Mineral Foundation and Mineral Blush that I bought from a mall kiosk and they were made in the US. But, I have seen kits at Winners for $14.99 that have smaller sizes of the foundation, bronzer, illuminator and concealer. I checked the back of one and it was made in PRC, but there was another kit with other products and it was made in the US. So, make sure you check where kits are made. Even if full-sized products are made in the US, the smaller, trial-sized ones could be made elsewhere.

Do you avoid buying products depending on where they’re made? Are you more cautious with certain types of products?