Review | L’Oréal Sublime Soft Micellar Gelee Eye Makeup Remover

Hi Everyone!

I love using micellar water to remove my makeup, you may have seen my post: Pros and Cons to Different Types of Makeup Removers. Micellar water is very gentle and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. When I was at Winners, I bought a few things (see my haul), I picked up this L’Oréal Sublime Soft Micellar Gelee Eye Makeup Remover to see if it worked as well as micellar water. I got it for $6.99 at Winners, but it retails for $16.49 at Rexall.


L’Oréal Sublime Soft Micellar Gelee Eye Makeup Remover – The micellar gelee doesn’t have a scent and the consistency is similar to spectro gel (just a tad more fluid). I would compare the gelee to a morph of micellar water and cleansing balm. Like a cleansing balm, you need to be in a bathroom or somewhere with access to water because it removes the makeup, but you need water or a face cloth to wipe off the dissolved makeup and you need to rinse your face after. It’s similar to micellar water because it’s not oily and if you accidentally get some in your eye, it won’t cloud your vision.

Ensures an ultra efficient makeup removal experience without irritations.

I tried several different ways to remove my makeup with the gelee: cotton pad, fingers, and face cloth. If you pour a small pea-sized amount, it takes off your eye makeup well, but you need to wash your hands because they get a bit sticky from the gelee. I tried the micellar gelee using my hands (like I do with cleansing balms), but you need water to rinse off the makeup. I don’t know about you, but when I need to wash my face at my bathroom sink, the water runs down my arms and gets all over the place. I tried using a face cloth and poured some gelee onto it; it easily wiped off the makeup without getting water all over the sink. I think using a face cloth or makeup remover cloth is the best way to use the gelee. The micellar gelee plus a makeup remover cloth will ensure all of your eye makeup is removed- I don’t know about you, but sometimes a makeup remover cloth doesn’t always get all of my eye makeup off.


If you like cleansing balms, but hate when it accidentally gets in your eye and makes your vision cloudy, micellar gelee is a great alternative and it’s cheaper too. Personally, I think I still prefer micellar water as my main method of makeup removal. This was an interesting product to try, but it’s more expensive than micellar water and you get less product.

What do you use to remove your makeup? Have you tried micellar gelee?