First Impressions with Soo’Ae Canada

Hi Everyone!

I was contacted on Instagram by Soo’Ae Canada asking if I liked sheet masks. My answer was: Absolutely! They were very generous and sent me their line of face masks. They never asked me to review the masks, but I wanted to write a review. So, here are my thoughts on the masks. Each of the masks retail for $4 CAD.

They have several different types of masks:

  • Sheet Masks
    • Hydrogel Mask
      • gel-like texture, thin, two-piece (eyes/nose and mouth)
      • I liked that it had two pieces because then you can move the mask to fit your face properly (sometimes eye, nose and mouth holes don’t line up with my face)
    • Premium Essence Mask
      • thin, stretchy material
    • Skin Friendly Mask
      • thin, regular material (like other masks you get)
    • Skin Gel Mask
      • very durable, won’t rip (I tried pulling and it barely stretched)
    • Hydrocell Mask
      • thick, fibrous
  • Peeling Mask
    • exfoliating mask
  • Oxygen Bubbling Mask
    • carbonated mask that foams up
  • Sleeping Mask
    • like a serum that you apply before bed and wash off in the morning
  • Lip Patch

sooae masks

Charcoal Clay Bubble Mask

Refreshing Pore Care (Oxygen Bubbling Mask)

This all-in-one mask instantly purifies troubled skin with the combined power of activated binchotan charcoal, kaolin and bentonite clay, and oxygen bubbles. Active binchotan, powerful enough to purify water, is a renown anti-inflammatory known to refine and brighten skin.

This was the first time I used a bubble mask. My face felt tingly when I used it from the bubbles. It had the consistency of a clay mask and when I applied it to my face, after a few seconds, it would start to bubble and puff up a bit. It didn’t puff up as much as some pictures I’ve seen of bubble masks. When I would touch it, it would go back to the clay mask consistency and then start to bubble again after a few seconds. I rinsed it off with warm water and applied my moisturizer. My face felt clean and very smooth after using it.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the tingling sensation, but that’s to be expected of the bubble masks. If you like bubble masks, give this a try. I would rather stick to a sheet mask or clay mask.

Acai Berry Revitalizing Sleeping Mask

Brighten + Renew (Restorative Overnight Mask)

This silky and lightweight sleeping mask, formulated with acai berry, blueberry and niacinamide, improves the appearance of dull, lackluster and fatigued looking skin overnight for visibly youthful glowing skin.

Black Charcoal Hydrogel Mask

Detoxifying + Brightening + Revitalizing (Hydrogel Mask)

Combines the potent benefits of black charcoal with peat water, bamboo water and birch sap to detox and replenish hydration in skin. Licorice root, green tea, omija (magnolia berry), and coptis japonica root extracts provide an additional boost of nourishing moisture to soothe dryness and fatigue helping to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Donkey Milk Sleeping Mask

Nourishing + Moisturizing (Restorative Overnight Mask)

This luxurious overnight sleeping mask delivers the benefits of nourishing moisture to skin suffering from dryness with Donkey Milk. Infused with the added benefits of 5 potent plant extracts (Soybean, Licorice Root, Camellia Seed, Japanese Yam and Snow Mushroom), the lightweight yet rich and silky texture absorbs quickly and deeply, improving dry and tired looking skin overnight.

Donkey Milk Skin Gel Mask

Nourish + Restore (Skin Gel mask)

Innovative ‘skin gel’ mask hybrids traditional sheet masks with hydrogel to improve delivery of active ingredients to the skin. Donkey’s Milk, referred too as “white gold” has been valued for its immense benefits, revered by the likes of Hippocrates and Cleopatra and helps the skin look more nourished. With the added benefits of Green tea, Salmon Egg, Sugar Maple and Mushroom extracts, skin looks radiant and youthfully plumped with moisture.

Honey Propolis Essential Mask

Nourish + Replenish Moisture (Premium Essence Mask Sheet)

Honey and propolis restore moisture and nourish skin while hyaluronic acid provides hydration. This nourishing essence formula is infused into a unique tencel fabric to provide optimal comfort during application and effectively delivers nutrients to the skin.

My Collagen Hydrogel Lip Patch

Smooth + Moisturize Plumped Lips

Smooth away lip lines, dry, cracked lips in 15 minutes with the nourishing and moisturizing benefits of sea kelp and super berries.
Soo Ae’s My Collagen Hydrogel Lip Patch is infused with a special blend of collagen, nutrient-rich fruit and plant extracts to soothe and plump with moisture.

Purifying Black Charcoal Mask

Charcoal’s potent detoxifying and brightening abilities fuse with cultured green tea and green caviar extracts to provide instant clarity and moisture to relieve dry and tired looking skin. Formulated based on traditional Korean herbal medicine known as Hanbang, Soo Ae’s unique blend of herb and plant extracts helps to improve the appearance of beautiful, youthful and supple skin.

Purifying Brightening Peeling Gel

Refine + Clarify (Peeling, Exfoliating Gel)

Formulated with eco-cert certified moisture-rich natural cellulose, to deliver superb and extra gentle exfoliation with the added benefits of vitamins C + E and fruit extracts. The moisture enriched cellulose helps to gently lift dead skin cells and unclog pores to restore skin clarity and radiance while allowing for improved absorption and efficacy for skincare applications that follow after use.

Supreme Gold Hydrogel Mask

Lifting + Firming + Revitalizing (Hydrogel Mask)

This hydrogel mask combines the potent benefits of black charcoal with peat water, bamboo water and birch sap to detox and replenish hydration in skin. Licorice root, green tea, omija (magnolia berry), and coptis japonica root extracts provide an additional boost of nourishing moisture to soothe dryness and fatigue helping to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Super Intensive Hydrocell Mask

Moisture Replenishment + Anti-Aging (Hydrocell Mask)

Formulated with Soo Ae’s Moisture Revival Complex, a unique blend of botanical extracts and 17 complex amino acids, this hydrating formula helps to improve moisture and skin clarity for radiant and smooth skin. This moisture-rich essence formula is infused into Soo Ae’s unique eco-friendly Hydrocell mask fabric and allows for significantly improved absorption and delivery of powerful ingredients into the skin, exceeding those of a traditional sheet mask

Netflix and whiten your teeth while you mask. (Smile Brilliant Review)

Nature Collagen Essence Masks

(Innovative Skin Friendly Mask Technology)

Healthy collagen level in the skin can help to achieve the plump and smooth appearance of a youthful complexion. As a key ingredient in this mask, it restores hydration while protecting that moisture from breaking down that may lead to dryness, and improves elasticity and resilience. In addition, each mask is also formulated with Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Witch Hazel, Natto Gum, and Wheat Amino Acids, to provide additional hydration and skin care benefits.

  • Aloe
    • Moisture + Dryness Relief
  • Collagen
    • Moisture Lift + Radiance
  • Deep Sea Water– Using Deep Sea Water, this mask improves the look of clear and beautiful skin with excellent hydration benefits
    • Relax with Deep Hydration
  • Tea Tree– Provide the relief of moisture with Tea Tree extract, suitable for all skin types
    • Hydration Relief
  • Green Tea– Achieve the appearance of smooth, supple and glowing skin with the moisturizing benefits of Green Tea Extract
    • Luminous Hydration
  • Vitamin– Achieve the look of a bright and glowing complexion with a special blend of moisture and vitamins
    • Pure Brightening

Unicorn Hologram Mask

Detox + Brightening (Black Charcoal + Hologram Mask)

Charcoal helps to detox and purify skin. Plant extract delivers and nourishes skin. Hologram mask is soaked in a unique double-sided black charcoal and hologram sheet.


Panda Eye Brightening Mask

Hydrates + Soothes (Hydrogel Eye mask)

An effective hydrogel eye mask meets Soo’Ae’s cute panda to deliver a fun way to hydrate, soothe and smooth tired looking eyes. Formulated with Niacinamide, Centella Asiatica Extract and Dipotassim Glycyrrhizate. this nourishing formula provides excellent moisturizing and soothing benefits, helping to chase those sad panda eyes away.

RATING: 4.5/5

These masks are a little more expensive than other sheet masks, but you can definitely see and feel that they are better quality than other brands. They all smell really nice.I think the hydrogel, skin gel and peeling masks were the best.

My face felt incredibly soft and plump after using the Donkey Milk Skin Gel Mask and the Purifying Brightening Peeling Gel (I wou. You could definitely get two uses out of one package of the peeling gel and the sleeping mask can last a while since a little bit goes a long way.

I think my favourites were the Donkey Milk Skin Gel Mask, Purifying Brightening Peeling Gel and the Black Charcoal Hydrogel Mask. I will definitely be purchasing those in the future.

The Super Intensive Hydrocell Mask was my least favourite one. I didn’t love the fibrous feel of the mask.

The lip patch made my lips feel super smooth and a bit tingly. It was also thicker than other lip patches I’ve tried and it didn’t really lay flat against my skin. It’s best to lie down when using it because it fell off while I used it.

The premium essence and skin friendly sheet masks were a similar material to the ones you get at The Face Shop. So, I wouldn’t purchase the nature essence ones since you can get similar ones for cheaper at The Face Shop or in packages at Winners. I think it’s more worth it to pay $4 for the peeling gel, hydrogel, and skin gel masks.

What are your fave face masks? Have you tried Soo’Ae masks?



*I received these products complimentary for review purposes.