Recipe | Short Rib Grilled Cheese

Hi Everyone!

I recently went to Nordstrom Bar Verde for lunch and I got the short rib grilled cheese. It was really good, so I wanted to duplicate it at home. So, here’s the menu listing on the Bar Verde menu:

SHORT RIB GRILLED CHEESE- blackberry jam, sharp white cheddar cheese, rustic bread.


  • Braised Short Ribs
  • Blackberry Jam
  • Canadian Sharp Cheddar Cheese
  • French/Italian Crusty Bread

M made braised short ribs using our Instant Pot and they were delicious. She looked at several different recipes: some called for red wine and Worcestershire sauce, while others called for ketchup and brown sugar. So, search on Google and find a recipe that you would like (it’s probably best to use one that doesn’t have too many spices like thyme and rosemary because they might change the taste of the grilled cheese). M used beef stock, ketchup and brown sugar in our short ribs.

We couldn’t find any blackberry jam except for Smuckers. So, if you can find a better quality jam, I think it would taste even yummier, but it was still delicious with Smuckers.

I used the stove to make the grilled cheese, but you can use a panini press instead. I put some butter in the pan and lightly toasted the bread. I put the sharp white cheddar onto each slice of bread so that it could melt before closing the sandwich. Then, I spread the blackberry jam on one side of the sandwich and piled the short ribs on top. I put the other piece of bread on top and then flattened the sandwich down with a spatula. Heat until the bread is crispy or however you like your grilled cheese. Serve while it’s hot and gooey. Bon Appetit!

What variations of grilled cheese do you like?