Haul & First Impressions with H&M Makeup

Hi Everyone!

Back when H&M first came out with makeup, I bought a contour powder palette and a BB cream because I wanted to try their makeup. I think I bought a shade that was too dark for the BB cream, but the powder was pretty good. I think it was $14.99 for the contour palette, and about the same for the BB cream. The contour palette had four shades (2 light, 2 dark) and the bb cream had a selection of 2-3 shades. Since then, H&M has come out with a lot more makeup: foundations, eyeshadows, mascara, eyeliners, nail polish, etc.

Jennifer Catherine (C) titles(13)

I bought the shimmery shades of eyeshadow because I have so many browns and taupes already and I wanted to get some more shimmery ones. The shadows are soft and buttery. I got the shades Paradise Lost (rose gold) and Over the Moon (silver). These are kind of glittery, it’s very easy to get it all over your face and might take a few swipes to remove it with your makeup remover. It reminds me of a pressed version of MAC pigments because of how much can fall onto your cheeks. If you use these, I would definitely suggest doing your eyes before foundation because you can wipe it off if it gets on your cheeks. I swatched the matte shades and those were beautiful and velvety too. The best way to apply is with your fingers.

The highlighter powder is a baked highlighter and it’s beautiful, but it is a bit powdery if you swatch with your fingers. Also, the swatch doesn’t look as pigmented as the eyeshadows, but in person, it’s a nice peachy pink highlight. It might seem expensive for a non-designer brand, but it’s huge and since it’s baked, there’s even more than what you’d get in a regular pressed highlighter. Since it is a bit powdery, I think the best way to apply is with a fan brush and lightly swipe your brush, don’t swirl your brush or the product will get all over your desk.


Spotlight Glow Powder Sheer Coverage Radiant Shimmerin Sumptuous Peach

Infinite Impact Eye Colour in Paradise Lost & Over the Moon


RATING: 4.5/5

I think the shimmery eyeshadow shades I bought will be pretty for a party or night out and I would definitely use the highlighter for every day makeup to give a pretty peachy glow.

Have you tried H&M makeup products? What are your faves?