At Home Teeth Whitening with Smile Br!lliant

Hi Everyone!

I am so excited to share this post with you! I was contacted by Smile Brilliant Professional Teeth Whitening to collaborate with them and they were very generous to send me their teeth whitening kit. Smile Brilliant is a company that offers at-home teeth whitening kits.

I am going to split the post into sections with headings so you can scroll to the parts you want to read:

Whitening your teeth is the perfect time to do a face mask and catch up on some Netflix!
  • My Teeth & My Whitening Experience
  • Before & After Pictures
  • What’s in the Smile Brilliant Kit
  • Choosing the Right Kit for You
  • Shipping Info
  • Giveaway & Discount Code

I’m not going to explain how everything works because you’ll get instructions in the kit when you order.

Some advice if you plan to do at-home whitening: BE PATIENT! There are tons of contributing factors as to why your results won’t be the same as everyone else- genetics, amount of staining, length of time you have the trays on, etc. Don’t expect amazing results after the first few sessions because it takes time for the whitening to do its magic!

My Teeth

I’ve always been self-conscious about my teeth, especially in pictures with other people where you can see the difference between my teeth and theirs. My teeth aren’t terribly yellow (as you’ll see in the before picture), but when you’re under artificial lighting or use flash photography, they can look more yellow than they are.

When I posted pictures on Facebook in high school, I would constantly be editing my pictures before posting them. I would use apps on my phone to make my teeth look whiter or I would change the pictures to black and white so it was harder to tell.

In the past few years, I’ve tried a few different things to whiten them, but most of the methods I used are for surface stains or to maintain white teeth after getting them done professionally. I considered getting them whitened professionally, but I couldn’t justify the cost at the time. My dentist said it would be $250 or $350 depending on whether I chose at-home or the at the dentist, in-chair whitening.

I’m not a coffee drinker, but I do drink tea and every now and then have a coke or root beer.

Because my teeth aren’t pearly white, I don’t wear a lot of bright and colourful lipsticks because it accentuates how not white my teeth are, but I would love to be able to wear a red/pink lip without feeling self-conscious.

In an effort to maintain the results of the teeth whitening, I’ve cut down on drinking black teas and dark-coloured pop. If I do drink pop, I make sure to use a straw.


Be careful not to squeeze out too much on the ends because the trays don’t have sides. The trays cover 20 of my teeth, which means 4 of my teeth in the back are not being whitened. I’ve had my wisdom teeth taken out and I also had four teeth removed because I had an overbite and needed braces. For someone with a full set of teeth, I guess it would depend on the size of your teeth, but I would assume that a few in the back won’t be covered by the trays. The blue dots in the diagram represent the teeth that probably won’t be covered (if you still have wisdom teeth).



  1. Floss teeth
  2. Brush with water, don’t use toothpaste!
  3. Whiten (45 minutes-3 hours)
  4. Take out trays, rinse under cold water and dry off
  5. Brush teeth with toothpaste
  6. Use desensitizing gel (15-20 minutes)
  7. Take out trays, spit out excess gel
  8. DON’T RINSE! (If you rinse, it gets rid of the desensitizing gel)

When putting my trays away, I make sure that they’re upside down so the spots I missed can dry properly.

My Experience

The whitening gel and desensitizing gel syringes lasted for four sessions. I had breaks in between whitening sessions, but I tried different lengths of time to see what worked best for me. I think the ideal time span was between 45 minutes and 1 hour 15 minutes; any longer and I could start to feel it. After the fourth session (which was the longest I kept the trays on), I noticed my gums were a little white in some areas and a bit irritated. Even though I have been using the recommended amount, I think maybe I was squeezing out more than I needed. So, I took a short break before the 5th session and tried to squeeze out a thinner ribbon of gel. To prevent further gum irritation, I used a qtip to apply Vaseline on my gums. I used a clean qtip to make sure that I didn’t get any on my teeth.

Every now and then I could feel a tingle on my teeth while whitening and even felt a random tingle during the day when I wasn’t whitening (especially when drinking some hot or cold drinks). After each time I whitened, my teeth had white spots because they were dehydrated from the whitening process. After an hour or so, the white spots would disappear. I noticed that as I did more sessions, the white spots weren’t as bright (because of how well the whitening kit was working, my teeth were getting brighter).

Cotton Balls and qtips were my best friends during the whitening process and cleaning my trays. I would rip up cotton balls to dab off any excess whitening gel that extended to my gums and also use them to dry off my trays after whitening.

  • Session 1- 45 minutes
  • Session 2- 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Session 3- 50 minutes
  • Session 4- 1 hour 50 minutes
  • Sessions 5 and on- 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes

Before & After Pictures

Here are my unedited, unfiltered pictures taken in natural lighting:

jen stacked results.jpg

RATING: 4.5/5

I am very pleased with the results. It took about 13-14 sessions and lots of patience, but I definitely notice my smile is brighter. Due to the fact that you look at your teeth everyday, you may not notice the difference because the changes are very slight in the beginning, but when you compare the before and after pictures, it’s easy to see how much your teeth brightened in the process.

Our teeth whitening gel is specially formulated with the highest quality ingredients. We use a proprietary ‘sticky gel’ formula that ensures even distribution & adhesion during your teeth whitening sessions.


The average person should use the product daily for 1 week at 1-3 hours per session

The Kit

The kit includes:

  • 3 containers each of the Base paste and Catalyst paste which you mix to create the putty to do your impressions
  • 2 impression trays to create the mold
  • Whitening Gel
  • Desensitizing Gel (if you choose sensitive kit)
  • Instructions
  • Jiffy bag to send impressions and consent card to fill out with your address and signature so that they can send your trays back
  • Custom-fitted trays (once you have sent them your impressions, they will send back the trays in a plastic container (if you had braces or use a mouth guard, it looks like one of those containers)


You can also order refills of the whitening gel ($35-$69) or desensitizing gel ($19-$39) on their own if you already have the trays and just want to maintain your shade.

Choosing the Right Kit for You

Choose whether you have sensitive or non-sensitive teeth. If you choose sensitive, they will include Desensitizing Gel syringes in your teeth whitening kit (they send the same number of desensitizing gel as whitening gel syringes). Select the amount of whitening gel you want: T3 (light stains- 9 whitening applications), T6 (average stains- 18 whitening applications), T9 (heavy stains- 27 whitening applications).

If you are in the United States, shipping is free which includes 3-way shipment (impressions, trays and prepaid shipping to send your impressions back).

If you are international (includes Canada), shipping costs $29 USD which includes 2-way shipment of the impressions and trays. This does not include prepaid shipping to send your impressions to them. I sent mine using Canada Post and it was less than $10.

The description says T9 is the preferred package for international customers, I’m guessing this is because you get more syringes and you won’t have to order refills for a while and therefore cut down on the shipping costs. For international customers, it costs $17 USD for shipping to order the refills.

Read all instructions carefully before doing anything! They do give you an extra set of the base and catalyst paste just in case you mess up doing your impression. I won’t bore you with the step-by-step process because you should be reading the cards in the kit instead of reading my blog post on what to do. If you’re curious about the process though, feel free to ask in the comments below!


Smile Brilliant is offering a free kit to one lucky winner!

Fill out the form in the link below. You will have to submit your name and email address. The winner will be selected and contacted via email 2 weeks after this post has gone live. Giveaway is for $149 credit and is open to USA, UK, Canada, and Australia (if you are not in the USA, you will be responsible for partial shipping).



They’ve also given me a 10% discount code to share with you! Use JENCATBEAUTY at checkout.

Have you tried At Home Teeth Whitening?