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Hi Everyone!

As you saw in a previous blog post, I hosted a trunk show with Stella & Dot last month. I decided to become an affiliate with them (so any link you see on my blog is an affiliate link where I will get a commission from your purchase- at no extra cost to you). Stella & Dot offers gorgeous jewellery pieces and other accessories (bags, tops, sunglasses, scarves, etc.) and they just released a collaboration with Rebecca Minkoff. So far the collaboration is just jewellery, I’m hoping that they might come out with some nice tops.

Worth It? Absolutely! The pieces are gorgeous and so sparkly!

Check out the engravable jewellery!

Here is a haul of the gorgeous pieces purchased by my family, friends and me:

Clockwise from Top-Left: Pave Triangle Path Ear Climbers, Celestial Choker, Stellar Pave Ring, Tilley Ear Studs, The Wishing Necklace, Claudia Stackable Rings

Celestial Choker – My cousin ordered this necklace in gold and I got the same one for free for my birthday (free with a $40 purchase). I got the silver one. In the display pictures on the Stella & Dot website, they paired this with The Wishing Necklace. It’s really cute alone or layered with other dainty necklaces.

Pave Triangle Path Ear Climbers – I love ear climbers, they give you an edgy look without having to pierce your ears all the way up. I have two piercings in each ear and that’s enough for me. My sister got these and they are really cute. They start from the biggest triangle at the base of your lobe and get smaller as it goes up.

Tilley Ear Studs – My friend ordered these and they are really cute, dainty earrings.

Claudia Stackable Rings – I ordered these for myself and I love that you can mix and match the rings. You can wear just one, two or all three.

Stellar Pave Ring – This is a really pretty sparkly ring. I got this for a friend and I was even considering getting one for myself, but I already have a few rings that look similar.

The Wishing Necklace – My sister ordered this and from what I can tell from pictures, it’s a really cute, delicate necklace that you can wear alone or layer it with other dainty necklaces.


Pave Triangle Ear Jackets (no longer available) – I love that these are 6-in-1. You can wear the triangles alone or with the ear jackets (pave side or non-pave side) and then you can wear the pave bars alone or with the ear jackets (pave side or non-pave side). I loved the triangles and pave bar earrings, but I wasn’t sure how well the ear jackets would fit on my ears. But they are really cute on and I love that it has different levels, I use the lowest level on the jackets because otherwise you see a gap between the jackets and my ear lobe. It’s also great because you can wear the jackets with other earrings too.

Sparkle Inspiration Bangle (no longer available) – This is a beautiful bangle and it’s engraved on the inside, it says “SHINE BRIGHT.” I wish my wrist was a bit bigger because it flops around, but I can just wear other bracelets with it to keep it in place.

Seine Ring (no longer available) – I got this for my friend and it’s great because you can adjust the size if you need to. It is quite tall so if you have short fingers, you might have trouble bending your finger.


Tessa Top in Berry – My mom ordered this and it’s a really pretty raspberry chiffon top. It’s a high-low top where it’s slightly longer in the back as you can see in the picture.

Hideaway Pouch in Navy Stripe – My mom, sister and I all got this pouch for free for making a purchase during my trunk show (we had a choice of four different pouches and we all liked this one). This pouch is a lot bigger than you would think. I thought it was a makeup pouch, but it’s a travel pouch (make sure to look at the dimensions).

Thoughts: I absolutely love all the jewellery I bought. They’re even more sparkly and beautiful in person and the little gift boxes they come in are so cute and unique. It’s hard to choose a favourite, but I think I have to choose my Claudia Stackable Rings and the Pave Triangle Ear Jackets. I still have hostess credits to spend (the hostess credits expire within a certain time, so if you plan to host a trunk show, make sure they don’t expire on you!).

I used my credits to get the Amelia Sparkle Necklace and the Pave Chevron Ring. The necklace is a beautiful statement necklace that’s also a 4-in-1 where you can take off different layers. I love that they sell versatile pieces like this statement necklace and the ear jackets where you can wear them in multiple ways. It definitely makes it worth the higher price because you can style them differently depending on your outfit.

Have you heard of Stella & Dot before? What are you fave pieces?



*This post contains affiliate links.