Every Drop Beauty Spatula

Hi Everyone!

A while back, I bought a silicone spatula that helps you get every last drop of your makeup products. I got the Every Drop Beauty Spatula on Amazon. When I got it, it was $11, now it’s $18 which seems quite expensive.


It’s been amazing for getting ‘every last drop’ because it’s silicone, it scrapes the sides of the bottle well. I remember the first time I used a silicone spatula when I was baking and I was like OMG, I can make another cupcake with all of the batter I scraped off. Well, similar to baking, the spatula can probably get one or two more uses out of your products. Unfortunately some bottles just aren’t shaped right to get all of it, there’s only so much you get angle the spatula to get the top part. It was easy to scrape off the Maybelline Fit Me foundation, but I could only go half way up on the NARS Sheer Glow foundation bottle.

Couldn’t reach a few spots, but look how clean!!

The triangular shape of the spatula is great for getting the top of a bottle. They also sell one that’s shaped like a scalpel (for $9), but that’s better for lip gloss or concealer tubes. The other end of the spatula is like a bulb, either can be used to mix any makeup product.


Although the price has gone up, I would definitely recommend getting one. You’ll save some money in the long run by scraping off that last little bit of your high-end foundation or concealer.

How do you get every last drop of your makeup?