Haul & First Impressions with JLO x INGLOT


Hi Everyone!

For the past few months, I was anxiously awaiting the launch of Jennifer Lopez’s collaboration with Inglot. On April 26th, her collection launched and I quickly ordered a few products. I had to hold myself back from ordering too much, so I decided on the safest products that I could order without swatching: a bronzer, highlighter and lip gloss. I watched a video of a beauty editor swatching different products, but she had different colouring than I did (she was white). I would need to swatch the pressed eyeshadows, pigment eyeshadows, nail polishes and lipsticks to see which shades I’d want.

IMG_20180511_064708_321.jpgLipglossy Lip Gloss in J225 Pinky – This lip gloss is pretty, but it’s quite pricey. Although I love the packaging, I’m not sure if it’s worth $28 CAD.

It has a subtle pink sheen on the lips. When I swatched it, it looks like a peachy pink shade, but when I put it on the lips, it looks more pink. It has a fruity scent (I think it’s raspberry?). Since it’s a gloss, it is a bit sticky, but it’s not as bad as some I’ve tried where you get that gross trail of lip gloss at the corner of your mouth when you talk. The plastic thing that wipes off gloss when you take the wand out of the tube isn’t the best fit. It’s almost too wide because a lot more lip gloss comes out than you need.

Enhance your lips and ensure your kisses are unforgettable with the ultra-shiny LipGlossy. The protective, multi-benefit formula is long-lasting and moisturizing leaving your lips soft and optically smooth. The gloss provides the feeling of regeneration and visually improves firmness, flexibility and tension of your lips. Use alone, or on top of your lipstick for everyday glamour. The final effect depends on the application: touch delicately for a subtle shine or more generously to achieve a magnetic effect of optically enlarged lips.


Untitled design.pngBoogie Down Bronze Freedom System Bronzing Powder in J217 Safari – This is a beautiful bronzer and it blends nicely. It does hurt a bit that you have to pay $40 CAD for the bronzer and the compact. At least the compact is reusable. I decided to get the non-limited edition compact to save $4 since I already have the highlighter that says Jennifer Lopez on it. The regular compact still has a mirror, but the top is a glossy finish whereas the Jennifer Lopez one is matte with gold lettering.

Feel fabulous with a natural-looking tan and a sun-kissed glow with Boogie Down Bronze. This sheer, pressed powder leaves your complexion feeling instantly warmer and radiant. The formula allows seamless blending with a powdery, velvet finish that doesn’t smudge. Define your cheekbones by brushing across them lightly to enjoy all-over warmth day and night.


You have to buy the compact separately from the bronzer, so the first time you buy it, it’s more than $30 to purchase. I didn’t love that you had to do this, but it’s a beautiful bronzer.


Untitled design(1).pngLivin’ the Highlight Illuminator Face Eyes Body in J201 Radiant – For highlight, I prefer that wet look that doesn’t have any glitter. This highlight is absolutely beautiful for your IG pics or like the description says “on the stage,” but close-up, I don’t think it looks that good. Since this is a loose powder, it’s a bit more glittery than I like for a highlighter. It’s gorgeous for an eyeshadow or the body. You can mix it with some moisturizer and get a more subtle highlight for your face. Same goes for mixing it with a body lotion to highlight your collarbone or shoulders. I don’t love the container this comes in. It’s geared best for using it as a body highlighter, since it has the puff and you put the container upside down so you can release some product. For eyes, you have to pour some onto the top of the lid so your brush or finger can pick it up. Then the puff gets product on both sides of it which I think is a waste of the product.

Turn heads with Livin’ the Highlight Illuminator to create a luminous look. Available in two magnetic shades, this loose powder enhances your natural radiance and highlights strategic parts of your face and body for the ultimate glow. The iridescent formula can be effortlessly applied and its stunning effect is perfect for when you’re on the stage or out and about with friends.

RATING: 3.5/5

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Top to bottom: Lip gloss, bronzer, highlight

I went to the store to pick up the compact for the bronzer and swatched some of the other products in the collection. I’m glad I didn’t end up getting a lipstick because when I swatched them on my hand, they all seemed a little too peachy for me (although it might be a different story on the lips). The lipsticks and the glosses both smell fruity. The red lipstick (Besame) was absolutely beautiful, but I don’t really wear red lipstick that often and I don’t see myself paying more than $15 for a red. I’ve found a few pretty reds at the drugstore. The loose pigment shadows looked nice, but it was also quite chunky. The mascara wand looked really nice and it’d be good for both top and bottom lashes since it’s skinny. I think I chose the right products to get and I think if I picked up new products from the line, I would try the mascara, lip gloss in J223 Goldilips and maybe one of the blushes.

What did you pick up from the collaboration?