"Play the Game, Playa" | Online Dating Chronicles: Part 3

Hi Everyone!

Here’s Part 3 of my online dating chronicles. If you missed Parts 1 and 2, click the links below!

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I got a few superlikes (Tinder) and a few daily extends (Bumble). A superlike is a feature that someone can use once a day (if you’re an upgraded user, you get more) and it lets you know if someone ‘superliked’ you before you choose to swipe. It shows up as a blue star beside their name when you’re swiping and a blue bar along the bottom of their picture shows up. A daily extend on Bumble is a similar feature for the men to let you know that they are interested and want you to message them. You also only have one a day.

I was flattered that they chose me to use their one superlike or daily extend. For one guy, I decided to message him after he used the daily extend on Bumble…bad decision. We exchanged a few messages talking about where we went to school and then he asked if I had plans for the night. Like I said in Part 2, I wasn’t planning to meet up with anyone at this point. I panicked and texted my sister and this was our exchange:

  • Me: Do I ignore? What do I dooo?
  • C: say ‘yes, you do have plans.’
  • Me: oh hahaha. Right. That’s an option.
  • C: Never say ‘no you don’t.’ Play the game, playa.

Lol, my momentary social awkwardness…Oh, right, there’s the option of saying, yes, I have plans. Mr. Daily Extend messaged me the next night (after I didn’t reply) asking, “Hey, how’s your night?” I did the mean thing and unmatched with him. If he didn’t get that no reply means ‘not interested’ and messages me again, then he’s a bit too needy for my liking…after all, he did use the daily extend, so there was already an air of desperation. No offense if you use superlikes or daily extends…but I read a few articles online saying that it’s a bit desperate to superlike or extend your match. You’re basically saying “I LIKE YOU! Please match with me or please message me!!” My sister had a funny analogy; a daily extend is equal to a guy ringing your doorbell and you don’t answer the door. He is supposed to leave, but instead thinks “awww, she didn’t come out… I will just camp out here until she comes out.”

After a week of using Tinder, I have to admit, I felt exhausted. How do people use dating apps for so long? I don’t wanna play the game anymore! But I kept on swiping for the blog and decided to join Plenty Of Fish (POF) to try a different type of dating app.


On Tuesday’s installment of my online dating chronicles. I test the waters with Plenty of Fish. Find out if I found my lobster on Plenty of Fish!

I know lobsters aren’t considered fish and to my surprise, I found out lobsters aren’t really monogamous *gasp*! Phoebe lied!! But, to be honest, Phoebe said:

It’s a known fact that lobsters fall in love and mate for life. You can actually see old lobster couples, walking around their tank, you know, holding claws.

Lobsters…in their tank?? The only time I’ve seen lobsters in a tank is a restaurant where they’re about to be cooked…damnit, now I want some Cantonese-style lobster…

I don’t know any fish that are monogamous and so I went with the lobster analogy. Even if it’s not true, it will always be a fave analogy from Friends for finding your person. I have yet to find my lobster, but I know he’s out there somewhere…

If you have any questions or want to share your experience on dating apps, feel free to email me via the Contact Form or leave a comment below!



*This blog series is not affiliated or associated with any of the online dating sites/apps mentioned. It is also not meant to discourage any person from using these sites. This was just something I thought would be a fun topic to write about and let you know about my experiences with online dating.