My Favourite Sheet Masks by b.liv

Hi Everyone!

I was contacted by b.liv skin to write a review for their bio-cellulose sheet masks. I was sent three masks: Hydrate Away, Age Eraser and Soothe Me Now.

The masks retail for $35 US for a pack of 4 masks.


Bio-cellulose is a specialized nano scale fiber structure that fits perfectly like your second skin. It serves as a high volume serum reservoir i.e. holds moisture while allowing air to transfer freely and skin can breathe better. Its 30 nanometers fiber increases extra contact surface area for crevices and wrinkles ; maximizing the absorption of effective essence.

The masks were folded between two pieces of net-like material to make it easier to unfold. The bio-cellulose material was very soft and although it was thin, it’s strong.

I loved these masks! They made my skin feel hydrated and it didn’t leave that tacky feeling after I took it off. It also didn’t have a strong smell. I loved that the remaining essence in the pouch was thicker than the usual watery liquid that I get from other sheet masks. I used it on my legs and arms and my skin feels so smooth. Sometimes sheet masks dry out after wearing them for the 15-20 minutes, but this one was still hydrated. I used the excess essence on the mask on my arms. My face feels incredibly smooth (except for one dry patch I have, but the rest of my face feels really soft after using it).

The first mask I tried was the Hydrate Away. It didn’t really have a scent. The Soothe Me Now mask had a slightly medicinal scent. I used the remaining essence after my shower and it was great.

Hydrate Away

Refresh yourself with an instant infusion of moisture and revitalizing nutrients. Made from Organic Spirulina, a deep sea blue-green algae, this moisturizing bio-cellulose mask is power-packed with minerals and amino acids to hydrate, repair amd clarify skin. In addition, it helps protect skin from free radical damage.

Benefits: Moisturizing + Revitalizing + Hydrating


Age Eraser

Turn back the clock and restore skin to its original youthful radiance. Thanks to a unique formulation of Multipeptide, this youth preserving bio-cellulose mask reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while preventing premature skin aging. The result is maximum skin regeneration and a firming effect.

Benefits: Youth preserving + firming + fine line reducing

Soothe Me Now

Allow the power of flower to bless your skin with a calming touch. Deeply infused with Organic Immortelle Flower Extract which has wonderful restorative properties, this soothing bio-cellulose mask effectively helps repair and rejuvenate skin.

Benefits: Soothing + Repair + Rejuvenating


I would definitely repurchase these and I’m interested in trying other products b.liv sells. Since these are bio-cellulose masks and are on the more expensive side of sheet masks, I would probably use them once a month at the most.

Have you tried b.liv skincare?



*I received these masks for review purposes.