May 2018 Product Empties

Hi Everyone!

I finished quite a few products this month, so here are my empties:

52100610-belif_creamy-cleansing-foam-moist_en.jpgbelif Creamy cleansing foam moist

It smelled like plants and I didn’t notice if it really helped to detoxify my skin or help prevent breakouts. It did make my face feel squeaky clean though (like the other The Face Shop cleansers).

Repurchase? I got a small travel-size one in a kit so I didn’t know how much a full-size tube cost. After seeing the price, I don’t think I’d buy the full-size when The Face Shop has so many other great cleansers for less.

1.jpgCOSRX Salicylic Acid Daily Gentle Cleanser

This is a great cleanser for a good price. I know it’s safe to use daily, but I use it a few times a week. It also smells planty/botanical, but that’s no big deal since I wash it off.

Repurchase? Absolutely!


Danielle Creations Erase Your Face Tea Tree Purifying Cleansing Cloths

I got these at Winners for a really good price. I liked that it had the plastic that you open and close and it snaps in place so you know it’s closed properly. I don’t like the ones where you just rip off the sticky part and then stick it back on when you’ve taken out your wipes. Sometimes I don’t close it properly and my wipes dry out :/

Repurchase? These were extremely thick, soft and they smelled nice. I would definitely buy these again!


Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Setting Spray

I just had the little travel-sized one that I got as a promo from Sephora. Given the price of a full-size, I’m not sure if I would get it.

Repurchase? It’s a good product, but I want to try out other ones that are cheaper before I consider repurchasing this one.

mth-01_grande.jpgMilani Eye Tech Perfection Liquid Liner

See a swatch and my mini review of this liner in my Milani Cosmetics Haul!

Repurchase? Similar to the setting spray, I want to try out more before I repurchase (not that it’s expensive, but I know there are better liners out there from other drugstore brands).

i-025693-dong-gong-minn-brow-maker-black-brown-1-378Chosungah22 Dong Gong Minn Brow Maker | Black Brown

I picked this up at Winners after I had returned the Benefit Gimme Brow when it was recalled. It was similar to Gimme Brow, but then it had that sponge tip at the end which I found made it difficult to comb through my brows without accidentally getting some gel onto my skin.

Repurchase? No.

s1328913-main-zoomTarte Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara

Read my review here!

Repurchase? I did love this mascara, but there are so many great ones from the drugstore and I prefer not to spend more than $15 on a mascara. I will be keeping the wand though because I liked the brush.

_8810257.jpgSmashbox 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer

Repurchase? I hear the Milani primer is really good and there’s other ones I want to try, so I don’t think I will be buying a new one.

What were your product empties for May?




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