Review | Clionadh Cosmetics Mother of Pearl Highlighter

Hi Everyone!

Last weekend, I attended Indie Expo Canada (independent beauty brands showcase their products- it’s mostly Indie nail polish brands). The majority of the vendors sell nail polish, but some had essential oils, wax, bath bombs, etc.

From one of the vendors, Clionadh Cosmetics, I picked up an absolutely gorgeous highlighter that you can also use as eyeshadow or on the body, but it’s not intended for the lips. I got the Mother of Pearl highlighter (which is on sale right now for $13 CAD). It’s stamped with a seashell impression. The products are 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free and 100% Talc and Paraben-Free.


They have beautiful, marbled highlighters (including this one) and they also sell eyeshadows/palettes and blush. You can even custom order your own marble highlighter and choose the colours you want.

The Mother of Pearl highlighter is part of the Tropic of Capricorn Collection (a set of five summer-inspired marble highlighters).

Mother of Pearl: A five-toned marble consisting of grey-silver, pastel pink, green, blue and peach. The end result is a frosted pink-lilac with pearlescent notes of blue and silver.

I got home and tried it out and realized it was scented. You can choose to order scented or unscented. It smells like those sweet tart candies. Since I don’t love scented products that are sweet, I think I’d choose the unscented.

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I did two swatches with my finger: the top one is what it looks like normally and the bottom one is when it’s wet. Unlike other highlighters and eyeshadows I’ve tried, it sort of sheers out if you wet it. So, if you want the maximum payoff for this highlighter, don’t wet the brush or your finger when applying it.



This highlighter is so pretty and I love the marble effect when you mix the colours. I also love to support my fellow Canadians, especially when it’s an independent brand. A lot of the times, it’s just easier to buy the mainstream products from the drugstore or Sephora because they’re so easily accessible and you see their ads when you scroll through Instagram and Facebook. Indie Expo Canada is a great way to find new brands. I also picked up some nail polishes which I will review in the coming weeks.