June 2018 Faves

Hi Everyone!

Here are June’s beauty faves!


I really love this Clinique Sonic Systems Purifying brush! Check out my review here! It really gets off all the makeup that I missed with wipes, micellar water, and makeup cloths. I use it with my fave cleansers from The Face Shop. The charge lasts a really long time (but it also takes forever to charge it too). It has an auto shut off feature after 30 seconds and I love that it isn’t battery powered so it doesn’t have a backing. It’s okay if you accidentally drop it into the water (although it’s probably not a good idea to submerge it).


I know why Glow Recipe is so popular. I love this stuff and wish I’d tried it sooner.

Check out my review on the Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask and Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser!

JC titles for blog.png

This highlighter is beautiful. It’s from an Indie Canadian brand called Clionadh Cosmetics. The bottom swatch is when it’s wet and the top is swatched from the pan.

Check out my review on the Clionadh Cosmetics Highlighter


The gang’s all here…or at least my Tea Tree Oil products that I own from The Body Shop. I swear I’m not an ambassador or anything!! I just really love the products and they’ve been great at keeping acne away. Of course, I get the occasional breakouts before that time of the month. The Daily Solution has been a great step in my skincare regimen and the Blemish Stick is great for spot treatments.

Check out my full reviews: Targeted Gel Blemish Stick | Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution

I’ve been testing out the Body Wash because unfortunately, my face isn’t the only place that gets acne…I also occasionally get it on my back and in the cleavage (TMI?) especially during the summer time. It’s been really good so far, but it’s quite stinky. It also concerns me that it says “not to use it on the face”. I wonder how strong it is, but it does say that it’s okay to use daily. With my sensitive skin, maybe I will use it 3 times a week.

I will definitely be picking up more tea tree oil products (perhaps the cleanser) in the future!! I’ve been told the toner is good.


I really love the Burt’s Bees Blush in Shy Pink. It’s so pretty and it blends nicely!

Check out my Natural Makeup Look & First Impressions with Burt’s Bees Products!

What were your faves this month?




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