Makeup Goals | A Streamlined Makeup Collection

Hi Everyone!

When I was doing my mid-year makeup inventory, I realized just how much makeup I had. It’s kind of ridiculous how much makeup I’ve accumulated in the past two years. 2016 was when I got more into makeup and it was only last year that started buying products like highlighter and bronzer. I went through my collection and counted how much I have of each type of product. I didn’t want to do a mid-year makeup inventory on all of them because let’s be honest, it would’ve taken a long time to swatch and write a mini review for each one. Especially when I don’t necessarily love all of the products I own.

I’ve decided to set some goals for myself for the future in terms of buying makeup. As I was doing my makeup inventory, I decluttered a few products that were past their expiry date and/or I just wasn’t using (basically just taking up space). Here are some goals that I have decided to apply:

Goal #1 | For primers, foundations, eyeshadows and makeup brushes – only buy high end ones

  • Foundations
    • Find a few favourite ones with different finishes (powder, cushion, sheer coverage, medium coverage)
    • For liquid foundations- I need to have sampled it a few times and put it through a testing period (like I did with the Dior Backstage Face & Body Foundation- read my review) before I take the plunge and buy it.
  • For both foundations and concealers- Test them out in-store and see how they look in natural lighting and how it wears for the day

For the other makeup products, I feel like a mix of high end and drugstore are acceptable. There are some amazing drugstore products that I absolutely love.

Goal #2 | Cut down on impulse buying

I’ll admit that 50% of the time, I am an impulse buyer (especially if there’s a sale). Luckily, most of the items I’ve bought on impulse I’ve liked.

Goal #3 | Read or watch 3 (or more) positive reviews before making a purchase

I know this isn’t the best way to tell if I will like something because I might not like something that someone else loves, but it will help cut down the impulse buying too. I’ve bought a few duds (that were planned purchases) because YouTube or Instagram made me buy it *cough* L’Oréal Lash Paradise *cough*. Before buying a product from now on (especially a drugstore item because you can’t return it once it’s been opened), I will check out some reviews online. Usually, I look at Influenster to see what it’s rating out of 5 is and if it’s rated on their list (i.e. Lash Paradise, the non-waterproof one, is rated #1 in mascaras and 4.56/5). Personally, it’s not my #1 mascara, but I don’t hate it.

Goal #4 | Keep Track of My Makeup Purchases and Set an Annual Makeup Budget

This sounds kind of scary, but I think I should set one. Last year, I became a VIB Rouge member at Sephora and I have no idea how that happened. The majority was skincare or makeup tools, but there was a fair share of makeup which is surprising because a lot of my makeup is from the drugstore or Winners. For a lot of products (like makeup brushes or foundation), they may seem expensive, but they last a long time. The initial cost may sting, but once you have it, you don’t need to buy more for a while.

For my blog, I have a monthly budget ($25) to spend on products that I buy for the blog. I prefer to get drugstore products because that’s the most accessible to everyone. I mean, there are tons of beauty lovers who are students- they can’t necessarily afford to get a Dior foundation or a high end palette.

GOAL #5 | A Streamlined Makeup Collection

I was going to plan on having a Minimalist Makeup Collection, but I don’t think I can limit myself to only one or two items per category. So, we’ll go with a streamlined collection of what I have now. I want to find some favourites that I can always rely on so that I can just buy good, high end products (foundations, concealers, etc.) and not worry about buying all these different products to see what works with my skin type.

I’ve already shared some of my makeup collection in my mid-year makeup inventory. So, I thought I’d share the numbers with you for the rest of my products. Some of my numbers in this list may be different than the mid-year makeup inventory. This is because I was only counting the products that I had opened at the time. Since then, I have opened a few things and gotten a few deluxe samples. Please keep in mind that not all products are full-sized, but I still counted them as ‘1’. So, here are the inventories for each category:

  • Primers: 12
  • Foundations: 13
  • Concealers/Colour Correctors: 11 (2 are extras for a discontinued concealer)
  • Setting/Finishing Powders & Face Mists: 5
  • Illuminating Powders/Creams: 6
  • Contour: 0
  • Bronzers: 6
  • Blushes: 13
  • Highlighters: 14
  • Brow pencils: 3
  • Eyeshadow Pans/Sticks: 129
    • I counted how many pans I have instead of counting a palette as ‘1’ because some palettes had 3 or 4, others had 9 or 12
  • Eyeliners: 12
  • Mascaras: 10
  • Lipsticks: 28
  • Lip Liners: 7
  • Lip Glosses/Tints: 10
  • Makeup Removers: 13
  • Perfume: 5 (2 full-sized bottles, 1 rollerball, 1 mini perfume, 1 perfume crayon)
  • Nail Polish: 43 (28 full-sized bottles including 5 base/top coats, 15 minis)

TOTAL: 340 items

After I finish some of my current nail polishes, I’ve decided that I’m only going to buy neutrals (pinks, nudes, grays), reds/wines and dark shades. No more chunky glitter or super bright colours (not for my hands). Maybe I’ll have a few bright colours for the feet but no more chunky glitter for sure. I also want to find a nice high-end nude/pink.

I think I’m going to try not to buy all-in-one palettes (ones that have blush, highlighter, bronzer, eyeshadows, etc.) It might be cheaper, but palettes get messy especially if you have shimmers and mattes. The Bobbi Brown palette definitely gets messy when I use the highlighter because it’s chunky also, but the shimmer gets all over the bronzer and blushes. The only palettes I will get are eyeshadow palettes or palettes that have the same finish (like a blush palette tat has all mattes or all shimmers).


I want to streamline my makeup so that I have about 100-150 items. As the years go by and I figure out what products work for me, I hope to have fewer than 100 items. I only have so much space in my room if you include makeup, skincare, hair and nail products. The following numbers are what I hope my collection will go down to once I find favourites in each. Under each category, I have included favourites that I think will be included in my Minimalist Collection.

  • Primers: 8 (10 at the most)
  • Foundations: 6 at the most
  • Concealers/Colour Correctors: 5
  • Setting/Finishing Sprays/Powders & Face Mists: 5
  • Illuminating Powders/Creams: 2
  • Bronzers: 2 (1 matte and 1 with sheen)
  • Blushes: 3 (1 with shimmer, 2 matte)
  • Highlighters: 8 (10 at the most)
  • Brows: 3 (2 pencils, 1 gel)
  • Eyeshadows: 3 palettes
  • Eyeliners: 5
  • Mascaras: 3
  • Lipstick/Balms: 5
  • Lip Liners: 3
  • Lip Glosses/Tints: 5
  • Makeup Removers: 4
  • Perfumes: 2
  • Nail Polish: 10-12

For all of the categories, they’re estimates of what I think I should own and adding all of those up, my goal is to keep it under 100 products. So, my goal for next year is to cut my collection in half and maybe I can aim for an even smaller collection for 2020.

Would you ever streamline your makeup collection?