This or That | Acne Patches (COSRX vs. Nexcare)

Hi Everyone!

Today, I’m comparing Acne patches! COSRX vs. Nexcare! I love the COSRX patches (read my review) and I thought that I should try another brand to see if they all perform the same.

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There are different types of acne patches out there: hydrocolloid and medicated ones. The ones I’m reviewing today are both hydrocolloid. Hydrocolloid patches absorb the gunk from your pimples and they’re most effective when the pimple is, for lack of a better word, ripe. When your pimple has a whitehead and is ready to ‘pop,’ put one of these patches on it. DON’T SQUEEZE IT! I’ve been guilty of squeezing pimples, but I’m trying to stop doing that because you get scars/dark spots that way. I’ve never tried the medicated ones, but those are supposed to be good for when you have pimples that are inflamed and hurt; the pimples that haven’t reared their ugly heads yet.

Don’t worry! I don’t have any gross pictures to show you how much gunk they can absorb. It’s disgusting even for me and it came from my face! You’ll just have to trust me on the fact that they both work! 😉 Keep reading if you want to find out which brand I like better!


COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patches

The thin clear hydrocolloid patch feels similar to a hydrogel sheet mask in texture, adhering your skin strongly. It’ll stay on through showering and washing! It treats breakouts by eliminating infection and bacteria, which is what causes them in the first place. It’s able to breakdown debris from blackheads and absorb gunk from whiteheads overnight, so you won’t experience a harsh dry patch from using this. It even helps flatten and heal cystic acne faster!

24 patches per pack (3 sizes):

  • 10 x 7mm
  • 5 x 10mm
  • 9 x 12mm


Nexcare Acne Absorbing Covers

Works like a sponge to absorb pus and oil

Visibly indicates that it is working

Acts as a protective cover, reducing the urge to squeeze

Drug-free, non-drying

36 patches per pack (2 sizes):

  • 24 x 8mm
  • 12 x 12mm

I’m assuming those are the quantities because I bought the 72 pack (2 sizes):

  • 48 x 8mm
  • 24 x 12mm
COSRX (left), Nexcare

The Nexcare patches have a kind of plastic-y bandaid smell and they are also a bit tacky on top of the patch too. I found that the Nexcare ones are more sticky because they’ve also pulled out some small whiteheads surrounding my zits. The COSRX ones have no smell and are not sticky on top. Both patches are the same thickness (from what I can see) and I think the Nexcare ones are slightly more yellow. When I have them on, you can see that I’m wearing it, but when I have the COSRX ones, you need to get closer to see that I’m wearing a patch.

I like that the Nexcare covers are packaged on a clear sheet so it’s easier to see how many you have left. I also like that it’s between two sheets that stick to the patches so that it keeps it clean. For the COSRX patches, they are packaged on a white sheet, so it’s harder to see them sometimes.

For both patches, it says you can wear them under makeup. This did not work for me. It looked better if I didn’t wear any makeup if I wore them. I never wear the patches out anyway though. Maybe I’d consider if it my hair could cover it, but I’d never wear one if it was on my cheek or something. Since the patches are raised, the makeup builds up around the patch and just brings attention to it.

WINNER: COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patches

While both brands work equally well at absorbing the pus, the Nexcare ones are kind of sticky on both sides and sometimes when I’m applying it, it will get stuck on my finger when I lightly press it on to make sure it adheres to my skin.

The COSRX ones are cheaper (even when you get less per package) for Canadians if you’re buying online. The Nexcare ones were about $10-12 while the COSRX ones are $4.50 on and if you bought two, you’d get more patches. Also, the COSRX ones have 3 sizes while the Nexcare ones only have 2. Usually I use the patches on zits that are a little bigger which means I usually have a lot of the small ones leftover (I use them eventually, but I usually have to open up a new package to use a medium or large patch). Depending on the size of your zits, you may want to get the Nexcare ones because the small size is slightly larger than the smallest COSRX one. Most of the time, I use the medium patch or the large one, it takes me a bit longer to use up the small ones, but I use them eventually.

Have you tried acne patches? What’s your fave brand?