Review | The Face Shop Jeju Volcanic Lava Self-Heating Clay Mask

Hi Everyone!

Today, I’m reviewing The Face Shop’s Jeju Volcanic Lava Self-Heating Clay Mask. If you’re a regular reader of the blog, you’ll know that I love the cleansers from The Face Shop because they make me feel squeaky clean. I picked up the clay mask last year when I bought a few cleansers and popped this into the cart to give it a try. I thought I would review it on the blog because it’s an interesting product and my first time using a self-heating mask- Keep reading to find out if it actually works!

The heating pore mask containing Jeju Volcanic Ash purifies skin as a warm sensation opens pores upon application.

Jeju Volcanic Ash is the product of volcanic activity on Jeju Island. Its porous texture absorbs excess sebum and provides intensive pore care.

City Defender Complex*, formulated with ingredients from Jeju Island, helps defend skin against the elements and fine dust.

After washing your face, apply a sufficient amount and spread evenly on areas requiring pore care. Gently massage for 3 to 5 minutes and rinse off with warm water.


The mask comes in a hard plastic bottle that has a silicone applicator. It’s quite interesting because you press the ‘button’ on the side and the mask comes out from a hole in the silicone pad. If you don’t spread it evenly though, it can drip off. So, make sure you have an even layer on your face. The consistency isn’t too thick or runny; it’s kind of like honey and it doesn’t smell like anything. It’s brown and you can see tiny specks of black (the ash). It’s not like other clay masks where you wait for it to dry and then wash it off. You massage it for a few minutes and then wash it off.

As soon as you apply it, you can feel it start to heat up. I like using a larger silicone pad to massage it in. It easily removes with water (it’s not sticky or anything), but I do like to use a cleanser and use some cold water to close up the pores again. After every use, I also like to run the applicator under some warm water to clean it off.


To be honest, I don’t really know how well this works. While my face does feel clean and pretty smooth after using it, I don’t know how deeply it’s cleaning the pores. Therefore, I’m giving it a 3/5 because it works pretty well, but it is kind of pricey (i would wait for a sale). I think I’d rather try other products in the Jeju Volcanic Lava line, possibly the Pore Mud Pack, Pore Scrub Foam or the Peel Off Nose Pack. Although, I did think of a good use for it. Since it opens up the pores, I thought I would take advantage and do a nose strip. I wonder how this would work on sore muscles since it’s self-heating? The perfect time to do it would be right before a shower or something so it’s easy to rinse off. I should give it a try.

Have you tried self-heating masks or anything from the Jeju Volcanic Lava collection?