My Rules for Decluttering | Beauty Edition

Hi Everyone!

Similar to my Makeup Goals and Style Goals, I thought I’d set some rules for when I declutter beauty products and clothing. This post will focus on beauty and Friday’s post will be clothing. I will be posting my first Declutter post next week because I decluttered a lot of beauty products this month. I plan to go through my clothing and accessories soon too. I’ve already gotten rid of some things when I was reorganizing my room, but I need to actually take things out of my closet and dresser and go through them properly.

To prevent wasting too much money, I’ve decided to come up with some ground rules before I declutter any products I have. I’ll ask myself the following questions before I go through with decluttering anything:

How much was it?

Did I buy it or get it for free? Was it over $25? If it was under $10 and I don’t use it very often, I’ll probably declutter, but if it was over $25, then I’ll ask myself the next question.

How long have I had it? Is it expired?

Unless I broke out from using it or had some bad reaction, I’m going to say that I have to have had it in my collection for at least 3 months before I can declutter it. If I’ve had it for that long and haven’t used it much, then I probably don’t love it enough to kep it.

Did I give it a proper trial? Can I use it in another way?

Did I give it a fair shot? If it was something like a foundation, did I try it in different ways- different primers and moisturizers? Unless I received a foundation for free or picked it up from Winners for less than $10, I don’t usually buy foundations unless I’ve tried multiple samples and done a thorough wear test.

Is it a highlighter that’s too chunky/glittery? Can I use it as an eyeshadow? Is it a face cream? Can I use it on my hands or something?

How much have I used? Can I give it away to a family member, friend or donate it?

How much have I used? Is it worth giving to my mom/sister/friend or donating it?

Do you have any rules for decluttering?