Update (1 Year Later) | September 2017 MAC Warehouse Sale

Hi Everyone!

If you’re planning to go to the MAC Warehouse Sale, check out my Tips/Tricks post. This is an update post to my September 2017 Haul from the MAC Warehouse Sale. It’s been a year since I went to the sale and I’m telling you which products I’ve finished or decluttered and whether I’d purchase them again. If you want to see how much I bought the products for, click the link above to see my haul.

Smashbox Photo Filter Powder Foundation in Shade 1 – I made the mistake of buying Shade 1. It’s way too light and I was going to do a review on the powder itself (trying not to judge the shade), but it just looked powdery on my skin because it was so pale. I decided to declutter. It felt very velvety and maybe if I had the right shade, I would’ve loved it.

Repurchase? Probably not.

Mac x Star Trek Luna Luster Trip the Light Fantastic Powder (Limited Edition) – I’ve swatched MAC highlighters in store and they feel so soft and smooth. I prefer highlighters that give you that wet look. I don’t like highlighters like this that are kind of chunky. I decluttered this; I kept the empty compact for the Back to MAC program.

Repurchase? No longer available. I would purchase a MAC highlighter that isn’t chunky.

The Back to MAC program is a recycling program where you bring back 6 full-sized empties and you receive a free lipstick, lip gloss or eyeshadow. If you have minis, you need all of the ones that you bought in the kit to count as one full-sized empty, i.e. a pack of four mini lipsticks from a holiday collection equals one empty. If you have a mascara mini, it does not count as one, it’s 1/4 of an empty. If you only have 3 empties, but you want to clear some room in your drawers, you can bring the 3 into a MAC store and they will keep it on file for you until you reach 6.

Mac ZOOM Mascara – I bought one that was green (by accident) and a gray one that I put in a giveaway. I liked the brush of the mascara, but since mine was green, I didn’t do a proper wear test to see how well it kept a curl or if it added any length or volume to my lashes.

Estée Edit Stress Relief Eye Masks – I didn’t see any difference after using these. I think I remember that my under eyes felt tacky after using it.

Repurchase? No.

Bobbi Brown Crystal Lip Gloss – This was sticky and I didn’t like it that much. I put one in a giveaway and finished the other.

Repurchase? No. Even if I got it at the MAC sale for a cheaper price, I still wouldn’t buy it again. It was so sticky.


MAC x Helmut Newton Point ‘n’ Shoot – I didn’t like the shades in this palette. I thought I would, but once I used it, the bottom shades were a bit too dark.

Repurchase? This was limited edition, but I would not purchase again if it were still available.

estee lauder breast cancer

Estée Lauder Pink Perfection Kit for Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign – The blush is a really pretty pink, but I am still kind of bad at applying blush and either do too much or accidentally put it in the wrong spot. The eyeshadows were okay; I liked the shimmery gray one (bottom right), but the other three were okay. I liked the lipstick, but it was too bright.

Repurchase? I would consider repurchasing the lipstick and blush in different shades.

Mac Nutcracker Sweet Bronze Pigments & Glitter – I still have the pigments. I gave one to a friend and I still have the other three. I don’t know what I’ll do with the glitter. I’ll need to buy some glitter glue.

Repurchase? I don’t think so. Pigments and glitter are so messy. I just wanted to try them and since they were at a discounted price, I thought it would be best to get them from the sale.

nut cracker lips

Mac Nutcracker Sweet Nude Lipstick Kit – I gave two of the shades to my friends. The lipstick kits are a cute way to see if you’d want to buy a full-sized version of a lipstick.

Repurchase? I wouldn’t personally buy any of these four shades (Whirl, Kinda Sexy, Crème Cup, Nouvelle Vogue), but they were all very pretty shades. I feel a bit like Goldilocks; the 1st was too light, the 2nd was too pink, the 3rd was too brown and the 4th was too dark.

MAC Fluidline Pen in Retro Black – I had never tried a higher end liquid liner, so I thought I would try one. I know MAC isn’t top of the line, but it’s more expensive than drugstore which is what I had been buying before. I prefer kohl liners because 1) you can smoke them out and 2) I suck at doing winged liner.

Repurchase? No.

MAC Huggable Lip Colour – this lipstick is like a hybrid of a lipstick and a balm. It’s sheer, glossy and moisturizing like a balm, but has some pigment like a lipstick. The pink and reddish shades I bought were very bright and glossy.

Repurchase? Probably not.

estee lauder lip

Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Hi-Lustre Light Sculpting Lipstick in 210 Bold Innocent – This was also too pink for me.

Repurchase? I would buy another shade in the lipstick.

MAC Lipglass in C-Thru – I saw a video where Tati was wearing this and I thought it was so pretty. Obviously, since Tati is white and I’m Asian, it looked different on me. If I put too much, it would make my lipstick or lips look milky (because it’s a light pink shade).

Repurchase? No.

MAC Mineralize Glass in Lap Dog – I love the applicator on this lip glass. It’s a flat one that bends easily.

Repurchase? I would buy again (in a different shade because I think this one is discontinued).

MAC Cremesheen Glass in It’s a Strike – I love the shade of this one. It’s a mauve-pink.

Repurchase? Yes, but I will have to find a different shade because I think this is also discontinued.

MAC Patentpolish Lip Pencil in Kittenish – I really like this chubby lip pencil and I love the shade. I’ve barely used it because I want to use other ones first.

Repurchase? This is probably one of the few ones that I like that’s still available.

MAC Ultimate Lipstick in Marque – This lipstick was discontinued. I’m still working on it.

Repurchase? Unavailable.


Estée Lauder x Victoria Beckham in Moroccan Heat (Limited Edition) – I used this a few times and it’s quite sticky. It’s not the best formula to put in a click pen (like the YSL Touche Éclat) because it’s hard to clean the brush after. I hadn’t used it in a while and used it again and when I was wiping it, I saw some gray on my cotton pad. I don’t know if it was from the brush itself or if it was mold. So, I decided to click out the rest of the lip gloss so I can keep the empty gold pen.

Repurchase? No longer available.

bobbi brown stick

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick in Ivory 0.75 – I’m still working on this stick foundation and I really love it. I just need to find the right shade because Ivory is too light.

Repurchase? I would even purchase this at full price, but if I ever go to another MAC warehouse sale and see a better shade match, I would definitely get it.

Estée Lauder Double Wear Makeup To Go Liquid Compact in 1N2 Ecru – I decluttered this because it was way too light and for some reason, the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation makes my eyes water every time. Maybe because of alcohol content (if there is any).

Repurchase? No.

tory burch

Tory Burch Signature Deluxe Gift Set – I gave the cream to my grandma who loved it. I’m still working on both of these perfumes (it’s the exact same perfume, the small one just doesn’t have a spritzer).

Repurchase? Yes!

clinique brush

Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleanser Brush (read my review) – I didn’t start using this brush right away, so I’ve only had to replace the brush head once so far. It’s recommended to replace it after 3 months.

GLAMGLOW THIRSTYCLEANSE Daily Hydrating Cleanser (read my review) – I didn’t like this.

Repurchase? Unavailable.

MAC Strobe Cream in Pinklite (Original) – I love the strobe cream.

Repurchase? Yes. I’d repurchase at full price because it lasts so long.

Clinique Pep Start Quick Cleansing Swipes – These aren’t really makeup removing wipes (they’re super thin), they’re more for removing dirt and just refreshing your face.

Repurchase? No.

MAC Nail Lacquer in Midnight Sky & Vintage Vamp – I like both shades that I got (dark blue and wine red).

Repurchase? Nail polish is no longer available.


These were the freebies from the $20 charity bag and the 2 nail polishes were free gifts for attending the sale (you give them your ticket at the exit, and they give you a gift). At the December 2017 sale, I got a free lipstick.

The charity bag included: 3 MAC matte lipsticks in Leap of Delight, 2 MAC In Extreme Dimension Work It Out Mascara in Abs of Steel & No Pain, No Gain, 2 MAC x Helmut Newton Point ‘n’ Shoot Eyeshadow Quad, 2 MAC Nail Lacquer in Soiree & Midnight Sky.

For the charity bags, they’re usually products that are random colours (pink or green) or they were from collaborations from a while ago. In December, I got some Trolls products. I’ve found that they have one or two good products and then the rest are kind of useless. It’s for a good cause though and if you don’t like the products, you can keep the tubes/palettes/compacts for the Back to MAC program.

As you can see, I went kind of crazy the first time I went. I think I spent about $300-500. The second time I went, I spent about $200. It’s really easy to go crazy and just buy everything in sight. Out of all the products I bought, lipsticks were probably the easiest ones I made a mistake with because they look nice when you swatch them on your hand, but then it’s way too bright on your lips. Since everything is taped down, it’s hard to swatch the lip products. Also, a lot of hands touch the lipsticks which can make the lipstick melt a bit and therefore swatch more glossy/sheer than they actually are.

I originally said that my fave purchases were: the Estée Lauder Pink Perfection Kit, Tory Burch Perfume kit and Victoria Beckham’s lipgloss.

After trying out the products, I still agree with the Tory Burch perfume. I don’t love the Estée Lauder kit as much as I originally did and the Victoria Beckham gloss was just too sticky; I think it was just because I love Posh Spice. Instead, I would add these to my faves: the MAC Patentpolish Lip Pencil, Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Lipsticks and the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick.