Bobbi Brown | My Hits & Misses

Hi Everyone!

I realized I have tried quite a lot of Bobbi Brown products and I thought I would share my hits and misses from the brand. Of course, I might not like something that someone else loves and vice versa, but keep reading to hear my thoughts on the products I’ve purchased over the past year. Surprisingly, I think Bobbi Brown is the brand that I have the most products from (I originally thought it was Tarte, but after doing this post, it’s Bobbi). All products were purchased by me (the majority were purchased at the MAC Warehouse Sale). Let’s start with my favourites!



Skin Foundation Stick in Ivory 0.75 – This shade is too light for me, but I really liked this stick foundation. I really want to try other sticks to compare (like the Hourglass and Lancome ones), but this has a very nice finish and I would sometimes use it as concealer and dab the areas that needed a bit of coverage.

Smokey Eye Mascara – I loved this mascara. The wand was the perfect size and it separated my lashes nicely. It made my lashes look natural, yet added some oomph.


Luxe Lipstick in Brocade – My grandma uses this and it’s her favourite lipstick out of 4 lipsticks that we boughht for her (NARS, Sephora and Urban Decay). It’s a beautiful purple-y pink and it looks really good on her.


Instant Long-Wear Makeup Remover – I liked this, but it’s expensive and I’m sure I can get one that performs equally well for a cheaper price.



Long Wear Cream Eye Shadow in Galaxy – This was so patchy and had no pigment. I don’t know if it’s because I bought it at the MAC Warehouse Sale or it got hot and melted or something because it’s so soft. Maybe if you have a different shade, it would do better, but this looked terrible on me. It didn’t blend well and it set fairly quickly, so when you tried to blend, you’d create a bald spot. I tried using this as a base for dark powder shadow, but the powder was not layering over it well.

Lip Gloss in Rose Sugar 3 -This lip gloss has shimmer in it. My mom used this one too and she didn’t like it at all. It was so sticky that her hair would get stuck on her lips. Also, you know when you talk and you get that trail of lip gloss between your lips? It did that.

Intensive Skin Serum Concealer in Warm Ivory – I think this was breaking me out. It’s really weird because when I swatched it, it looked beautiful and blended nicely on my hand, but when I put it under my eyes, it just wasn’t giving me that seamless application I wanted.


Nude Finish Illuminating Powder in Bare – This is a translucent powder with shimmer in it and I don’t like it. It just makes me look like I put highlighter ALL over my face. If this were just a translucent powder, I’d love it because it did look really beautiful without the shimmer.

Illuminating Bronzing Powder in Halo – I don’t like this highlighter. It’s chunky and has glitter in it which gets EVERYWHERE.



There are a few products that I didn’t love, but also didn’t hate:

Blushes in French Pink and Nectar – They are pretty shades, just not for me.

Bronzing Powder in Medium – Too dark for me.

Rich Lip Color in Bare Pink – This is a really pretty nude-pink shade with a satin finish (it’s described on the website as a beige).

Lip Color in Sandwash Pink – I hear Princess Kate wears this shade. It was a beautiful shade, just not for me.

Tube Tint in Naked – My mom uses this and she really likes it. I think she also likes how it’s a squeeze tube, so it’s easier to keep clean and it’s more hygienic than lip glosses with wands.

Eyeshadows – The eyeshadows are good and blend well, but I think if you’re going to buy a high-end eyeshadow palette, you should get an Urban Decay or Anastasia Beverly Hills one (a brand that’s known for their eyeshadows).

The Bobbi On Trend: Eyes and Cheek Palette was an impulse buy. I saw it at the Nordstrom sale for $120 and I had to have it. I didn’t do my research and that was my downfall. Next time I buy a palette, I will be making sure I love it before taking the plunge.

Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink – I am terrible at doing winged liner and I prefer kohl liner, but I got this for free when  bought the Bobbi On Trend palette at the Nordstrom sale. I gave it to my friend so she’d get better use out of it. So, this goes in the IN BETWEEN section because I just don’t do wings and if I put liner on my lid, then I usually smoke it out (that’s why pencil liners are better for me). Performance-wise, I think this was an okay liner? I’m not really sure.


Out of all the products, I would consider purchasing the Skin Foundation Stick in my shade. I think that’s the only product I would consider repurchasing. I hope I haven’t offended anyone who is a Bobbi Brown lover and I hope I also didn’t put anyone off the brand. I love Bobbi Brown packaging and they have a lot of great products, but I just don’t think the products work for me.


What are your hits & misses from Bobbi Brown?