This or That | Body Scrubs (BCL Spa vs. The Body Shop)

Hi Everyone!

Today, I’m comparing two different types and also two different brands of body scrubs. There are a few different types: sugar, coffee, salt, herbal, etc. I’m comparing sugar scrubs with a fruit scrub (this isn’t what it’s called, but since it’s made of fruit and uses orange peel and corncob granules, I’m going to call it a fruit scrub).

I haven’t tried coffee, salt or herbal scrubs. I did try a DIY coffee scrub, but I don’t think I did it right and it got SOOO messy. I think any coffee scrub is going to be really messy and I don’t think I’ll like it for that reason.


The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Exfoliating Gel Body Scrub – I thought this was the old formula that they used to have (the sugar scrub). So, it was a surprise to find that it was a gel-based scrub.

Revitalize and soften your skin using an invigorating, gel-based scrub with gently exfoliating orange peel and corncob granules. Pink grapefruit seed oil provides essential fatty acids to repair skin’s moisture barrier, so it feels smooth and supple. Community Trade organic honey moisturizes and conditions skin.


BCL SPA Lavender + Mint Sugar Scrub – I won this in a giveaway, so I don’t know how easy it is to get this in the US. It looks like it’s a bit harder to get in Canada (or it’s really expensive on Amazon) because it’s for professionals only/wholesale. I really love it though.

Natural sugar suspended in certified organic oils create the base of our luxurious scrub for hands, feet and body. The sugar works to exfoliate dead cells from the skin, while our blend of precious Argan, Olive, Jojoba and Spearmint oils leave you velvety soft and glowing.


WINNER (Type): Sugar scrubs

WINNER (Brand): BCL SPA Lavender + Mint Sugar Scrub

I chose the BCL SPA sugar scrub because I just love how smooth my skin feels and I absolutely love the smell of the lavender and mint. I chose the sugar scrub as the winner because it doesn’t leave anything behind. If you have a warm bath/shower, the sugar easily dissolves. On the other hand, I don’t like the Pink Grapefruit one because the corncob granules are left behind in the shower. They still go down the drain, but I’m worried that it will help clog the pipes faster especially if hair is already stuck in there. Also, since sugar scrubs are thicker, I feel like I use the right amount needed, whereas with the fruit scrub, I scoop out too much. The pink grapefruit does have a nice refreshing scent, but since I take showers/baths at night, I want something more relaxing and calming instead of ‘WAKE UP!’

I think I will try making a DIY sugar scrub once I’ve finished these two body scrubs.

What type of body scrubs do you use?