Worth It? | Microfiber Hair Turban Towels

Hi Everyone!

I bought a 2-pack of Hair Turbans from Winners for $10. They’re from a brand called Tru Spa. I thought I’d give it a try because my hair is long and I dry my hair all the time. I don’t do much else to my hair, so it’s okay for me to dry it all the time.

Gently dry hair faster with extra-absorbent TRU SPA Turban Hair Towels. Soft microfiber absorbs moisture to cut down on blow drying, while keeping hair up and away from face.

  • easy to use
  • one size fits all
  • perfect for all hair types
  • reduces blow drying time
  • simply twist, flip and button
  • for use at home, gym & more

As I was looking up hair turbans online for this post, I realized I’m an idiot and I was using them BACKWARDS! I had been putting the button in the front. I used it twice and each time I was like, “this is so difficult…this must be better for people with shorter hair”…nope, just using it wrong.


Lol, you would think that it would’ve occurred to me that when you do a hair turban with a regular towel, the twist is in the FRONT. But, no, this did not occur to me. I did notice that it did absorb a lot of water from my hair (even when I was using it wrong). In my defense, I have seen pictures of hair turbans where the button is in the front. The hair turban is about 10x lighter than a regular bath towel. It’s probably better for my hair line too because I’ve worried my heavy towel has been pulling at my hair and changing how my hair lies on my head. I already have a fairly large forehead, I can’t afford to have a receding hair line.

Once I started using it correctly, it did dry my hair a lot faster because it wasn’t bunched up into a ball on top of my head.



I give it a high rating because it does work well, but do I think they’re worth it? No. I think it would be better to just buy some microfiber material at a fabric store and maybe make them yourself or buy microfiber towels. At $5 a turban, I don’t think these are worth it.