First Impressions with Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast

Hi Everyone!
This is a first impressions review for the LIVING PROOF Full Dry Volume Blast from the Sephora Favorites Party Hair Kit.

Here’s the description of the product on Sephora:

An instant, long-lasting volume and texture spray designed with lightweight ingredients that won’t weigh hair down.

This product contains patent-pending “expandable, textured-aero-spheres,” called ETAs. They are lighter and bigger than industry-standard ingredients, so they deliver big volume and texture without weighing hair down.

How to Use: Section the hair. Holding the canister 10 inches away, lift and spray from roots to ends. For a desired root lift, you may also spray just the roots. Repeat until the imagined style is achieved, making sure to shake the can between each spray. Tousle the hair with your fingers, then spray onto the finished style for added texture and hold.

I’m going to start by saying that I’ve only used this once. I would’ve liked to have tried this a few times before giving my first impressions review, but the scent of this is so strong, it gave me a really bad headache. I tried this out on a fairly cold day, so I can’t say how well this performs on a hot day. I also have thick, long hair, so I can’t say how it performs on thin hair.
The day before using this, I slept with braids in my hair. I used the spray to add some volume and boy, did it add volume. My hair looked like Hermione’s in the first Harry Potter movie. It gave my hair texture without feeling tacky or gritty. It has no parabens, sulfates or phthalates. The product itself was great, but the smell is way too scented for me. It smells like perfume and was starting to give me a headache, so I put my hair in a bun to keep it away from my face and when I took out my Gummiband hair cord, my hair felt really soft and smooth.

The night I used it, I washed my hair because it gave me such a headache. The next day, I could still smell it in my hair. For me, it loses 2 points for having such a strong smell. Plus, it kind of worries me that it says the product is extremely flammable on the Sephora website and it has Butane in the ingredients list. I will be giving this to my friend because I won’t be using this again.

Have you tried this styling spray? What did you think of it?