Review | Kopari Coconut Deodorant

Hi Everyone!

Today, I’m reviewing the Kopari deodorant. I was previously using Lady Speed Stick ones from the drugstore, but I wanted to start using a deodorant without aluminum. I decided to try out this Kopari one.

The clean, non-toxic deodorant that really works! This aluminum and baking soda-free deodorant works with your body’s natural functions to aid in odor reduction. This invisible formula glides on smooth and will outlast your longest days. It’s guaranteed to leave you smelling like fresh coconut milk.

No Aluminum. No Baking Soda. No Parabens. No Silicone. No Phthalates. No Kidding.

I don’t do super rigorous workouts, so this deodorant works for me. I did some exercises to work up a sweat and it still smelled nice and coconut-ty. I’m interested to see how well this deodorant performs in hot summer weather. I will definitely try it out when the weather gets warm again.



At $18 CAD, it’s pricey for a deodorant, especially when I’m used to paying about $5 at the drugstore. If you stock up during a sale, it’s a little more reasonable. I do want to try other natural deodorants out there, but I really like this one and would definitely buy it again (during a sale). I’ve gotten a few recommendations from fellow beauty lovers and I’m interested in trying those brands once I finish this one.