November 2018 Faves

Hi Everyone!

We’re starting this month with something a little different from my usual favourites. I think everyone is always on a quest to make their skin look healthy. Last year, I took spin classes for two weeks with my friends and I was drinking a lot of water then. My skin was probably the best it ever looked because I was staying hydrated. In October, I decided that I should make it a goal to drink the recommended daily intake of water (8 x 8 mL = about 2L).


Drinking from a bottle or cold cup with a straw has definitely helped me increase my water intake. (I’m using up the rest of our plastic straws right now, but will definitely be switching to reusable or paper straws in the future). I’ve also been cutting down on sugary drinks. I haven’t bought any 2L bottles of pop or juice in a long time. I mostly drink just water throughout the day and have one cup of tea. If I’m going out for dinner, I usually just get water, but occasionally, I will order a ginger ale or coke.

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Last month, I downloaded an app called Water Drink Reminder to help me keep track of my water intake and I think it’s helped my skin a lot. I just chose the first Water Tracker app that I liked the interface. I tried this plant one that had a cute plant and this other one, but both had spelling mistakes which drove me crazy. Apart from the horrible breakout I had at the beginning of this month, my skin is a lot more hydrated and not as dry.


So far I’m loving this Kopari Coconut Deodorant. I haven’t done a rigorous workout with it, but I did some exercises to work up a sweat and it still smelled nice and coconut-ty.  I was wearing it for a whole day and I did notice that the scent had faded and I could start to smell a bit of sweat. So, I don’t think this would be good for a rigorous workout and you would definitely have to reapply during a hot day. It is a bit pricey, but deodorant lasts a while, so I think it will be worth it.


The Etude House Lip & Eye Remover is awesome at taking off eye makeup. I use a cotton pad and it took off the majority of my eye makeup in one swipe. I don’t have waterproof mascara, so I don’t know how well it takes it off, but it’s great for regular, non-waterproof makeup.

I can see why everyone loves the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Concealer. I have the shade Light and it’s the perfect shade for my under eyes. It brightens and has a beautiful, natural finish. I took off the sponge because I just don’t think it’s hygienic. One twist is enough for both of my eyes now that the sponge is gone.


Lately, I’ve been using the Tula Purifying Cleanser, Illuminating Face Serum and the Acne Clearing + Tone Correcting Gel. I was slowly incorporating the Tula products to my routine (just in case I had a reaction to one of the products). I still have to add the Pro-Glycolic Resurfacing Gel and Hydrating Day & Night Cream to the routine. I am very impressed by the acne gel because it’s one of the few salicylic acid products that hasn’t made my face red, irritated or puffy. Yay!! Usually, my face is fine with salicylic acid cleansers because it’s not on my face for very long. With salicylic acid products that you leave on overnight or during the day, I haven’t been so lucky. That’s why I was using tea tree oil products for a while. I still love my Body Shop tea tree oil products, but the smell is just so strong. So far, I am liking the Tula products I’ve tried. I will write a full review once I’ve started using the other 2 products.

What were your fave this month?

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