Reviewing My 2018 Beauty Expenses

Hi Everyone!

Today, I will be reviewing my 2018 beauty expenses. Last month, I reviewed my 2017 expenses and it was eye-opening. I was originally going to post this later in the month (closer to the new year), but I think I’ve spent enough money on makeup and skincare this year and I have all of the products I need. Last week, I started my self-imposed ban on buying makeup until next year. My goal is to not buy any makeup or skincare products until the next Sephora sale (the one they usually have in April).

Check out my 2017 expenses!

In comparison to my beauty expenses, I was curious to see how much I spent on clothing this year. I spent about $1200 on clothing, accessories and shoes (I think a good percentage of that was spent at La Senza – buying bras and underwear). My most expensive single purchase was my Michael Kors Daniela Large Crossbody Purse (almost $200 including tax- purchased on sale).

My 6 Most Expensive Purchases:


I spent about $500 on skincare, $100 on makeup tools and $1600 on makeup for a total of about $2200. I bought a few foundations and primers this year, so I probably won’t be NEEDING any next year. I might be tempted to buy the Lancome Teint Miracle foundation next year, but I definitely don’t need any more primers.

So, last year, 79% of my purchases were impulsive and only 21% were planned. This year, I did much better and planned vs. impulse purchases were 50/50. 2018 planned vs impulse

Here’s a breakdown of WHERE I purchased my products this year. Last year, I purchased most of my products from the drugstore and the MAC Warehouse Sale. I didn’t go to the Warehouse Sale this year, but I have been purchasing more products from other websites/stores, i.e. Tarte, Tula and The Body Shop.

2018 allocation of purchases.PNG




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