My Current Makeup Inventory

Hi Everyone!

Today, I’m checking in with my makeup inventory to show you how much progress I’ve made since my Mid-Year Makeup Inventories (click the links below):

Primers & Foundations | Bronzers | Mascaras | Blushes | Highlighters

I finished and decluttered half of the items I had in July; mostly decluttered.


Primers: 13 (started with 12 in July. I finished quite a few, but bought new ones. I also moved some products from other categories, i.e. what I once considered a face mist was changed to primer).

Setting/Finishing Powders: 8 (started with 5 – Don’t ask me how I have more than I started with…I don’t know how that happened)

Illuminating Powders/Creams: 3 (started with 6)

Foundations: 7 (started with 13 – The foundations in my current collection are almost all different from the 13 I had in July. I finished a few and decluttered a few)

Concealers/Colour Correctors: 5 (started with 11 – Unfortunately, I had to throw out 2 that had gone bad and I finished the others)

Contour: 3 (didn’t have any contour products in July)

Bronzers: 3 (started with 6)

Blushes: 5 (started with 13 – I decluttered quite a few blushes)

Highlighters: 9 (started with 14)

Brows: 3 (started with 3 – I finished the three brow products from July and have since bought new brow products)

Eyeshadow Pans/Sticks/Creams: 60 (started with 129- I was quite ruthless when it came to decluttering eyeshadows)

Eyeliners: 9 (started with 12)

Mascaras: 2 (started with 10 – I’m quite proud that I made it down to 2)

Lipstick: 7 (started with 28 – I finished a few and decluttered quite a lot. Luckily, some were MAC products, so I could Back to MAC them)

Lip Liners: 5 (started with 7)

Lip Glosses/Tints: 4 (started with 10)

Makeup Removers: 1 (started with 13)

Perfume: 4 (started with 5 – the one I finished was a sample)

Nail Polish: 19 (started with 43 – I was pretty ruthless with the nail polish too. I had a lot of old ones that were drying out)

TOTAL: 170 (started with 340 – I finished and decluttered 170 items in the past 5 months. Even though I cut the number in half, some of the products weren’t originally in my collection because I finished a bunch, but then bought something else to replace them)

I haven’t bought any new products in the following categories since taking Inventory of my collection in July:

  • Blush
  • Bronzer
  • Highlighter (I have a new one, but I didn’t buy it for myself…so it doesn’t count)
  • Illuminating Powders
  • Eyeshadows
  • Lip products (lipstick, balm, gloss, tint, liners)
  • Makeup Remover
  • Perfume
  • Nail Polish


You’ll remember from my Makeup Goals post, that I set a number for each category of what I should aim for and I said that I wanted to cut my collection in half (which I did!). I hope to continue decreasing the number of items on my collection and maybe reach 100 items by the end of 2019.

  • Primers: 8 (10 at the most)
  • Foundations: 6 at the most
  • Concealers/Colour Correctors: 5
  • Setting/Finishing Sprays/Powders & Face Mists: 5
  • Illuminating Powders/Creams: 2
  • Bronzers: 2 (1 matte and 1 with sheen)
  • Blushes: 3 (1 with shimmer, 2 matte)
  • Highlighters: 8 (10 at the most)
  • Brows: 3 (2 pencils, 1 gel)
  • Eyeshadows: 3 palettes
  • Eyeliners: 5
  • Mascaras: 3
  • Lipstick/Balms: 5
  • Lip Liners: 3
  • Lip Glosses/Tints: 5
  • Makeup Removers: 4
  • Perfumes: 2
  • Nail Polish: 10-12

Have you set any makeup goals for yourself or resolutions for the new year?