First Impressions with Selfkaire

Hi Everyone!

So, I was gifted this really cool new facial massager. It’s made of surgical grade steel and it’s unlike any facial massager I’ve seen.

I’ve been using the Selfkaire tool for about a month and I really enjoy using it. I’ve mostly been using it on my face since I have an ice roller which is larger and therefore easier to use on the body, but the Selfkaire tool is nice to relieve tension and to use a little more pressure on sore muscles.

You can use it on your face or body, on bare skin or over clothes. It just feels so nice and cooling on the face, especially the under eye area. I think I’ve noticed that my under eye bags aren’t as bad since I’ve been using it. Of course, it greatly depends on how much sleep I’ve had the night before as well. Unlike a jade roller however, I’ve noticed that I need to make sure to apply some type of serum or oil to help it move seamlessly across my face. Since this has no moving parts, it needs a bit of lubrication especially if you’re using it on your face, you don’t want it pulling on your skin.

How to use: As little as 30 seconds per area a day or as much as you would like to recharge your skin and body. Can be used on bare skin, over clothing, face masks, or with your skincare routine. Pair with a serum, cream or facial oil for easy gliding. Remember to stay hydrated while detoxing. To clean, rinse off tool with gentle soap and dry off.

Our IP-protected technology brings you an effective innovation on existing facial rollers. Combined with specially designed pins, our tools target acupressure points to help your body detox efficiently. Our surgical grade steel is great for all skin types, hypoallergenic and cooling on the skin!  

Try on:

– Puffiness
– After a workout
– Problem areas
– For some TLC!

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It says it’s travel-friendly, but it’s got some weight to it, so I’m not sure I would ever carry it around in a purse or take it on a trip. It is quite expensive, but given that there’s no moving parts like other facial rollers and it’s not made of rose quartz or jade, it won’t break easily and will last a long time. Selfkaire gives you a 90 day return policy (if you don’t love it, you can return it easily) and it has a lifetime warranty.

Have you tried facial massagers?