Nude by Nature | My Hits & Misses

Hi Everyone!

So, I received 6 products from Topbox Circle and I’ve tried them all out and here are my thoughts. First of all, I love the rose gold packaging of the products. The frosted glass of the foundation bottle is also beautiful.


Mattifying Pressed Setting Powder – This mattifies and provides coverage nicely. It’s great to throw in the purse to touch up throughout the day.

Matte Pressed Bronzer – I was intimidated by the shade of this, but if you use the right brush, it will diffuse and blend it out beautifully.


Sheer Glow BB Cream – Similar to the foundation, this provided no coverage and just made me look very dewy.

Luminous Sheer Liquid Foundation (read my review) – This provided no coverage for me at all. It was like the BB Cream.

Sheer Glow Colour Balm – This was patchy and I don’t like the taste/smell of this on my lips.


Liquid Foundation Brush – I prefer using sponges, but this is a very nice brush and I would consider getting other brushes from Nude by Nature.

If I were to buy anything, I would get some of the Nude by Nature brushes, and I would get the powder products again (but, as we know, I’m on a No Repurchase Rule so that I can see what else is out there). I will be giving the liquid foundation and BB cream to a friend who doesn’t mind sheer coverage.

Have you tried Nude by Nature?