First Impressions with Bali Body

Hi Everyone!

Today, I will be doing a first impressions review on some Bali Body products that I received from the brand. It’s an Australian brand…I think I’m getting contacted by Australian brands because I follow quite a few Australian beauty accounts on IG lol.

I love the pastel matte bottle for the bronzing lotion and the rose gold and champagne-y gold tubes of the BB Cream and Lip Balm are so pretty.

If you live in Canada like I do, it took exactly two weeks to arrive from their distribution centre in London.

Before I start the reviews, I’d like to mention that just because certain products don’t work for me, it doesn’t mean that they’re bad. I’m just very sensitive to certain scents (especially coconut) and these products all have a scent.

Coconut Lip Balm with SPF15

A Coconut Lip Balm with SPF15 to hydrate and plump the lips while providing long lasting protection.

This natural lip balm is packed with nourishing oils to smooth & repair dry & cracked lips day or night.


I like that it comes in a squeezy tube with a plastic tip. As far as lip balms go, this is quite expensive when I’m used to buying Vaseline. This does feel very hydrating and makes your lips look very glossy, but not sticky. I would definitely throw this into my makeup bag to apply during the day. The coconut scent is a bit too strong for me to use at night time, but it’s okay during the day. I also don’t like the taste of it (not that I’m purposely eating it lol, but you know when you accidentally lick your lips or maybe you’re eating something and taste your lip balm).

BB Cream with SPF

A multitasking beauty cream that combines hydrating skincare benefits to protect, correct and perfect the skin.

Treat your skin in one easy step with this light-weight ultra-hydrating BB cream that provides perfect natural coverage instantly, while giving a healthy dewy glow.

They have 4 shades: Fair, Natural, Tan and Dark

I received the shade Natural and after reading reviews, I was excited to try this BB Cream.


I don’t have a lot of luck with BB Creams on their own. I need more coverage than what BB Creams offer because I have dark spots from acne. So, this isn’t the type of base product I’m looking for, but if you want a very light coverage with SPF, you’ll love this BB Cream.

Bronzing Lotion

This antioxidant-rich moisturiser will provide a hint of tint while smoothing the skin with Vitamin E and natural oils.

Enriched with organic caramel extract to provide an instant bronzed glow.

This product isn’t a self tanner. It’s a lotion that’s tinted to give you a temporary bronzed look. It will wash off in the shower, so I wouldn’t go to sleep with this lotion on.

Before using, make sure you exfoliated the night before because you want it to go on nice and smooth. It’s also better if you aren’t too hairy wherever you apply it. I applied it on my arms and the bronzing lotion was kind of collecting around my hairs. It dries pretty fast, so make sure to blend it in evenly. If you are wearing this, do NOT get it wet. A drop of water got on my arm and it obviously left a water drop in the ‘tan’.


My skin felt moisturized with this lotion. But I have a very sensitive nose and I wasn’t a huge fan of the scent which smells like coconut and almond. It looks very intimidating when you squeeze it out of the bottle, but once you blend it out, it gives you a nice, bronzed glow. If you are pale like me, you will definitely see a difference. Personally, I think I would prefer to use a self-tanner that will stay on for a while instead of just a few hours.

Final Thoughts

I always love trying out new brands and I’m always grateful when I am sent products for review. While these products didn’t work for me, there are a lot of positive reviews on the site and other blogs that rave about Bali Body’s products.