Review | Ariul Beauty Mood Maker Masks & Mists

Hi Everyone!

I received some products from by Ariul Beauty. Today, I will be reviewing the Mood Maker products! They generously sent me the Chic, Glam and Cute sheet masks and mists.

All Ariul products, the Mood Maker Mist is formulated without artificial coloring, mineral oil, benzophenone, talc, or sulfates.

They have different ‘moods’ depending on what you want:

“Glam” is designed to vitalize the skin while protecting its natural moisture barrier.

“Chic” is designed to tighten pores, calm, and soothe the skin.

“Cute” is designed to give ultimate hydration while protecting your skin’s natural moisture barrier.

The sheet masks are fragranced, but it’s not too strong. They use the hydrogel material which I really like. There is a lot of essence in the masks which is great because it won’t dry out too fast when you’re wearing it.

These are quick, easy sheet masks that provide skin-loving benefits in only *5 minutes*! These are perfect right before events, parties, or just a good ol’ lazy day. The light-as-air Lyocell sheet allows for quick essence absorption, making these a breeze to use.

I liked the Cute masks because I have dry skin and I need some moisture. The Cute mask has hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and a proprietary berry complex that’s packed with vitamin C. After using the cute mask, my face looked brighter, felt smoother and refreshed.


The masks are great. They have a lot more by Ariul beauty on the Kooding website.

Consider these your new secret weapon! These adorably packaged facial mists provide relief in just a few sprays and work perfectly in between skincare steps, as well as before and after makeup. Their compact size make them perfect for makeup bags, travel, and portability — hello, glow on-the-go!

How To Use: Spritz in between skincare steps or before or after makeup. Can be used daily.

Like the sheet masks, there are three different Mood Maker mists: Chic, Glam and Cute. Ariul also has 3 Jeju Lava Water Mists. The mists come in cute, compact packaging (like a card case) which makes it easy to pop into your bag. I’ve never seen facial mists come in this type of packaging, so they get points for being so innovative! They’re not scented which is great. You can use it like any other facial mist: apply before makeup, apply after makeup, refresh your face if it’s feeling dry, wet brushes to get more pigment out of your highlighter or eyeshadow.