Men’s vs. Women’s Tweezers | Is There Actually A Difference?

Hi Everyone!

I was watching a Kathleen Lights video and she said the best tweezers are the Silver Revlon Quilted Slanted Tip ones. I’ve found that cheaper brands like Revlon and Sally Hansen have performed better than Tweezerman. So, I was at the drugstore and I saw the Revlon’s Men’s Tweezers on sale for about $20 (it came with a dual-ended nail clipper, nail file and a little case). The Men’s tweezers are $10.49 on their own while the Women’s are $17.49. So, I wanted to know if there is a huge difference in the performance. I know that men’s hair is coarser, so are the tweezers made to cater to that? Here are my findings:

They are shaped and look exactly the same from a distance. Upon closer inspection, the women’s tweezers are slanted a little more and the tips are just a little skinnier than the men’s.

I asked my mom to do a blind test and tell me which she likes better. She chose the Women’s saying that it plucked the hair better and she also noticed that the women’s are ‘spring-ier’ when you squeeze them. I tested them out and did notice a very slight difference in the tension. I have been using the men’s tweezers for a while and I do notice that sometimes it breaks the hair instead of plucking it out. It’s fine for my eyebrow hairs because those are obviously thicker than my mustache hairs.

I’d just like to mention that the minor design differences (slant, thickness of the tips and ‘spring-y-ness’) could be intentional or maybe it’s because they were made at difference places or times and it’s a design flaw. For all we know, they could just be making them in the same place and labelling one as Revlon Men’s Series and the other Women’s and charging them different prices because women’s products are always more expensive. And the very minor differences in the designs is just a fluke.

So, to sum up, that extra $7 does make a slight difference, but the men’s tweezers will do the job if you want to save the money.