Dupe It Out | Facial Cotton Pads

Hi Everyone!

Today, I’m comparing two facial cotton pads: Shiseido’s cult fave vs. Quo Luxury Facial Cotton Pads (the dupe). Quo is the brand by Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada.

So, I’ve tested these two different facial cottons and love both of them. Both come with 165 cottons and based on the look of the packaging, the Quo is obviously a dupe of the Shiseido cottons. The Quo cotton pads sell for $7.50 and Shiseido cottons sell for $11.

One thing about the packaging: the Quo package has a pre-made tear, so you don’t need scissors to open and it has a slider to close the package after while the Shiseido package needs scissors and does not have a slider.

I got my mom to do a blind test to see which one she likes. She preferred the Quo ones because they were softer (and also they were fatter – more layers). I tested them out and agree that the Quo ones are actually softer, but the Shiseido ones are stronger. When you try to tear them, it takes more force to pull the Shiseido ones apart and are therefore better to use for eye makeup (especially waterproof makeup). If you’re only wearing face makeup, the Quo ones are a great way to save some money. You can use the Quo ones for toner and removing face makeup, and buy the Shiseido ones for eye makeup.

WINNER: Quo Luxury Facial Cotton Pads

If you wear eye makeup and use micellar water instead of cleansing oils/balms, you will probably prefer the Shiseido ones since they are harder to rip and less likely to curl up on you. If you love the Shiseido ones and you live in Canada, I think it’s worth it to give the Quo ones a shot.

For me, the Shiseido ones are very nice and I see why so many people love them. I don’t wear heavy or waterproof eye makeup very often and when I do, I use a cleansing oil or balm to remove makeup instead of a cotton pad. I’d rather save $4.50 to spend on something else.